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Start your own digg like website in 30 minutes for free

Updated on March 23, 2012

Digg is a social news website and everything(from news to videos) is user submitted.

How Digg works; After you submit content,other people read the content and they "Digg" what the like. If your story receives enough "Diggs" it is promoted to the front-page of digg for other people to see.

In this tutorial i list some "free" scripts you can create your own "Digg or Reddit" like website without a hassle. What you need is some basic computer knowledge and some common sense- of course.

The scripts:


Pligg is a powerful Social publishing CMS powered by Php you can use to start your on "digg or reddit" like site, a blog or an articles website.
Pligg is totally free to download and use. You require PHP 5 and MySql to run pligg on your web server.

Download pligg

Drupal voteup/votedown

This is a module for Drupal CMS which allows you to vote up and down( adding voting capabilities to your site drupal site)

Download Drupal voteup/down

Wordpress Vote it up plugin

This plugin adds voting abilities to your posts in word-press You require wordpress 1.5+ in order to run it.


Loudle is powered by Php and Mysql. It has voting capilities just like digg or reddit.

Download Loudle

Download Wordress Vote it up


PhpDug is another clone script you can use to start your own social bookmarking site.

Download PHPDug

Upwarded Source

You can use Upwarded Source to start your own digg style of website. Upwarded is no longer in active development as it wasn't so successful however it was released under GNU GPL/ CCLicense and is free for download.

Download Upwarded Source

Grab the Mic

Grab the Mic another open source script you can use to start your own community driven site like Digg or Reddit. You need Ruby on rails to run Grab the mic.

Download Grab the Mic


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    • profile image

      Best Parental Control Software 5 years ago

      Awesome page my friend! So very cheerful I found it, I hope you will proceed with distributing alot more of your information in the future. Best Parental Control Software

    • ShaamCA profile image

      ShaamCA 5 years ago from India

      yup you are right Teaches , i have been using Reddit it has a lot of guidelines to be followed which confuse us at times

    • dexixy profile image

      dexixy 6 years ago from Kampala

      teaches12345 thanks for your comment.Actually you are right Reddit is abit confusing.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 years ago

      Good hub topic and one that will help establish increased awareness on the net. Can't say I am up to the challenge on this yet but I will bookmark it for later reference. I hear from others that Reddit is a big confusing. Thanks or the informaton.