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Starting a youtube

Updated on April 26, 2016

Where to begin?

You will need to begin to think what you want to do. you might be wondering... "What can I do"?There are many things like..

1. Makeup tutorials

2. Blogging

3. clothing tutorials

4. How to tutorials

5. reviews

6. Unboxing

There is about millions of stuff you can do!!

When you start

You will have to remember that you won't be having that much likes and views in the begging. You will have to branch out and put out yourself. Pick something that a lot of people will review. There is over a billion of viewers out there!! It's not hard to get some likes if you try. All those youtubers you see who have a million of views didn't start that way! They started on the bottom just like you!


You will not even get paid a dollar. Being a youtuber is super hard work and you don't really get paid for it. So thinking your going to get huge bucks because you started is not true at all. you will start with cents. Maybe dollars if you make it that far.

Do you like youtube?

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My first youtube video

My youtube

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