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Starting an Online business: Do you have the numbers in mind for your first website?

Updated on July 28, 2016

As the startup boom has gradually but steadily encompassed the whole globe, it’s time that you tingled your ambitious tastebuds, or so you might be thinking. But, if you have been thinking of going full-on entrepreneurial, you will need to consider all the ins and outs of starting a business. You need to have all the intricacies of planning worked upon beforehand, and also keep the initial startup growth chart and possibilities in perspective. They say that the central role of a CEO revolves around getting the startup strategy and planning right, and on getting the best talents from diverse fields to work ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ him/her.

But firstly, you must be really excited about your new online business — excitement helps draw out the trivial spontaneous thinking out there in the open.

As thousands of thoughts and revised startup ideas fly through your head, you might as well be thinking:

➔ Hey, I will be my own boss!

➔ First year this would be my plan, and by this and this time frame, I shall be earning this much. (insert prospective figures wherever appropriate)

➔ I will focus on providing these services to my clients.

➔ I will aim for a new office by this timeframe.

➔ Let me go online and expand my business avenues.

➔ And let us make our own website and choose OUR own website domain name – much like the naming ceremony for a newborn.

Then comes into the picture a new website and the budget that is going to be spent on it.

How do you figure out the numbers here?

Trust me, to decide on the pages of your website (Menu navigation) you will definitely have to go through the best resources on the Internet. You will need to research and find relevant keywords and foster the best website ideas for winning over clients.

There is a huge difference between emulating the best and actually being the best.

Please bear in mind the following while choosing your website concept:

  1. Segregated listing of services you will offer to your clients: If you have identified specific services you have to offer, are a 100 percent sure on it, and have collected relevant information and resources for it, then you have won half the battle.
  2. The Significance of a dedicated business address: A dedicated business address can help add credibility to your business and also make your services more accessible for your potential customers.
  3. A Dedicated Team Page: You must have a dedicated page of yourself with a smiling picture of you and a brief history of you and your team to let potential clients know whom they are going to be working with.
  4. Your Accolades: Any certificates you won during your education or even your business’ miniscule achievements till now can help you get the word out about the acclaim you’ve received.
  5. Contact Us page: A page with an enquiry form can prove to be the last mile for getting a client.
  6. Marketable, Share-worthy content: Content should speak of your services more than you, and actually prove a point in terms of your expertise. Content’s the emperor, the king, and the queen of any startup marketing strategy.
  7. A blog page on a subdomain: It is not a necessity, but a blog can prove to be an essential aspect of your business. Not only can you share your everyday views, it would also be like a journal of your journey from, well, emulating the best and actually being the best! Quite frequently, you might have a piece of pie to share with your potential audience.
  8. A Mobile-friendly website: Last but not the least, you will need to focus on getting a mobile-friendly, responsive website. This is the smartphone era and you can simply not afford to ignore all that traffic.

The list above might be quite comprehensive, but it’s hardly the end of the story. Patience is a virtue you can simply not ignore. Just fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a ride on the entrepreneurial flight to success. Starting an online business is all about neatly crafted strategies, perseverance, confidence, keeping the promises you made to yourself and your ability to stand behind your team when they need backing.

There’s a thin line between overtly being strict on yourself and cutting slack. And yes, this is just one of the posts that might help you frame a winning startup strategy when starting your own business. Because you have promises to keep, and miles to go before you sleep…[1] All the best for your entrepreneurial quest!

Last but not the least, what do you think, what should be the number to get the website with above features?

[1] "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening - Poetry Foundation." 2016. 27 Jul. 2016 <>


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