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Starwars Lightsaber - Buy FX lightsabers

Updated on July 2, 2011

Buy Real Lightsabers

In this article I wanted to review a Starwars lightsaber replica I have recently discovered while surfing gadget and gizmo websites such as Gizmospot. This isn't any toy, this is the closest thing you'll ever get to what you see in Return of the Jedi and Empire Strikes Back etc

These aren't like your Wii Lightsabers and Blasters, these come fully adjustable to cater to your every Starwars fantasy and are made from carbonate blades which can be detached and replaced with different colours. For example, if you wanted to yield a Darth Maul lightsaber you could used a red blade or a green blade if you wanted a Yoda lightsaber.

Photo courtesy of nickstone

Light Sabers Star Wars

The FX Lightsaber uses 2x AA batteries and the handle is carved out of stainless steel, the Force FX lightsaber uses the exact same materials as the master replicas, however they are now made by Hasbro.

The FX lightsaber replica is not an exact replica movie prop since the handle had to be made slightly larger to accommodate the sound recordings which come directly from the movie such as power up, Idle hum, swing(with pitch change), clash and power down. All of these effects can be activated via the motion sensors or the switch on the side.

Photo courtesy of nickstone

Lightsaber Duel

According to most suppliers it is not advised that you have a lightsaber duel or strike others even though the blade is immensely durable it is intended as a collectable item. 

Some videos out there on Youtube and Vimeo attempt at explaining how to make a lightsaber, however these do not include all of the hand crafted finish and professional materials that come with FX lightsabers therefore I have included one video which gives advice on adjusting your purchase to suit your desires.

Photo courtesy of projetofedora


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