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Status Blog / Website decommissioned after a development time

Updated on March 29, 2016

Because of the benefits of blogging brings so many people to create personal blogs and become a blogger but one thing is sadly a figure in the world of Information statistics in Vietnam is established every 100 people reach out blogs, only 2 people to become a professional blogger, 5 who maintains the blog's activity and the remaining 93 people, the choice of the end, must you not enough passion to maintain and 7 other people in star continues to blogging and where the reason that the other 93 chose to surrender, you will be known shortly.

Rib content
1 Blog stop working after a time
2 Causes
2.1 Purpose create false Blog
2.2 Great start nan, the trials began disheartened
2.3 Set high requirements for ourselves
Blog stop working after a time
Cause of action stops Blog and solutions: To speak intimately about all the reasons why many people choose to terminate the blog, there is ample reason, each has its own reasons to explain their own actions but in his opinion, there are three main reasons the most important first is the key role Blogger screening it as a challenge that anyone passionate enough guts then go next there are the guys who stopped accepting raised white flags to surrender, this is a natural process of refinement of the Creator created.

Why - Causes

The goal to create false Blog
In the previous section I have indicated to you 5 Reasons Not to Blog hoping that someone of you still remain in the top bit impressed with this article, things of this life is anything despite the what also needs to have a reason to exist and Blogger also needs to have a reason to start, but when told the reason for their beginnings recommend you create a blog today and also what I recommend you do not think about that problem anymore by what you choose to do the wrong reasons, then it just makes you a standstill only. Right arguments to start building your blog permission mentioned in other posts also in the scope of this article I would like to point out some things that absolutely you should not start blogging because these things as:

Blogging as affected by the crowd effect.
Blogging is only for the purpose of making money.
Blogging to attract hits.
Blog wanting wildfire.
If you are one of those who started these reasons, stopping writing is inevitable sooner or later just alone by any public game has rules, you can simply keep playing when compliance law, but when you choose to start a blog with the players named above reasons, you have violated the law already, so if you do not voluntarily stop writing would be forced to stop writing.

Everything is starting nan, started arduous discouraged
The blog is an arduous and long-term because you also have pieced together so markings junk into a complete big picture brilliant, when you think the observed panoramic picture handedly created true happiness must not, however, want to see the rainbow, you have to go through the rain first, there is a new day, the day of suffering make future commitments this rule holds true for everything in this life. Like lovers, lovers at very romantic, and sentimental, but when taken together about the frictions arise again, the new generation have something cozy outside world.

Love each other in the morning, smashed together in dark
The more you stay together, the more boring, Blog with this?

So when choosing your blog should predefined ideology is not easy, select the predictable difficulties of risk management direction and not turn it into fear, fear has always dominated treatment available in the tiny heart of every human being, but a cool head will direct it in the right direction and tell it that everything is ok, wish you secure enough to steer the boat floating away through the waves. Let's start a development plan for your blog, do not let it stop working.

Imposes requirements are too high for yourself
Living and working to set your requirement needs to achieve for yourself is laudable but posed high requirements for ourselves is not recommended, an eagle flew into the air panoramic eye views of the lower animals is awfully easy job even for a chicken it as a science fiction film that, break your goals step by step to themselves do not feel the pressure at.

When I first started my blog how you like others to idealize myself with blogging should macro and then everything shatters like soap bubbles with water, I was initially making the request for the body of each article must be unknown water off the coast of offering something no one has, this is not entirely correct its wrong but should only set out when writing skills have reached their level of virtuosity also are too incompetent to do this.

Find out the cause of this, so I chose to split his goal into primary, secondary least try to write the contents on topic, the second step to diversify the content of the blog topic, Career Tuesday to build professionalism in particular writing exercise can potentially write about any topic as long as myself want anything .... stepwise stepwise to gradually shift towards a dream to be the unknown water off the coast of offering something no one has.


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