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Staying in touch with shortwave radio

Updated on April 25, 2011

Staying in contact with the World

 It is amazing that so few people are aware of the the realm of shortwave radio; the radio frequencies that naturally lend themselves to broadcasting around the world.  Before the internet, shortwave radio listening was a great hobby for listening to interesting content from around the world.

Now, shortwave radios are great as a tool for keeping in touch if your country looses (or chooses to disconnect from) internet access.  While the internet and world wide web are extremely reliable due to redundant data sets and redundant data paths, it only takes a few instructions for a country to turn off it's "gateways" to the internet.  There are a number of great radios available that not only run on rechargable batteries but are equiped with hand crank generators and solar panels that can be used in an emergency to keep the batteries charged up.


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