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Steadicam Smoothee For The iPhone 3Gs

Updated on April 29, 2010

First there was the tripod, then in 1976 Garrett Brown invented the camera stabilizing system and revolutionized the way movies were made. Thirty-four years later the digital revolution is alive and well. Today we can even make movies with our phones, and thanks to Tiffen Company we can do it without any shakiness or unintended movement on the part of the amateur filmaker.

Who knew there was a whole market of amateur iPhone filmmakers out there? Well Tiffen apparently. On January 7, 2010 at the International Consumer Electronics Show Tiffen unveiled it's new Steadicam Smoothie for the Apple iPhone 3Gs. Steve Tiffen president and CEO of the company says "the Steadicam Smoothie allows iPhone 3Gs users to have a richer experience and more fun with their iPhone.

Tiffen is one of the world's top manufacturers of camera accessories. They've gotten dozens of awards for their Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems. This new Steadicam system for the iPhone is a lightweight accessory that lets you strap your IPhone to a hand held platform that is stabilized by a counterweight. As you move the weight moves and counters your actions. You can get smooth professional results when you use your iPhone to record your next family reunion or the kid's school play. The platform can also be attached to a tripod or rest on a flat surface like a table top as well.

Video capability is arguably one of the best features of the iPhone, but it remains to be seen whether iPhone users will shell out big bucks for this accessory. After all, the phones are portable. They fit in your pocket. The Steadicam Smoothie? Not so much. Tiffen says the Smoothie features compact "go anywhere dimensions", but at 8"W x 14.5"H x 2.5"D I wonder how spontaneous the Steadicam Smoothie really will be. Again, it remains to be seen

The Steadicam Smoothie will be available in spring 2010.


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