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Step By Step Guide To Ordering A Dell PC: Pay Double, Get 10% More

Updated on January 17, 2009

Part 2

If you look very carefully, you'll find that the difference between version 2 and version 3 is not just that the former has no monitor and the latter does have one, but the basic hard drive is dropped down from a 750 GB to a 640 GB. No big loss here as I intend to change the hard drive configuration in the customization process so here we go! Click "Customize It" and we're off to the computer configuration races!

First of all we select the processor. This is a total no brainer since the first choice is the Intel Core i7 920 Processor (8MB L2 Cache, 2.66GHz) and it is Included in Price. You can also take complete leave of your wits and go with the Intel Core i7 940 Processor (8MB L2 Cache, 2.93GHz) and add $400! Let's just take a quick minute here to do some review. The (USA) price for a Core i7 920 CPU alone is US$294.99. What this means is that in order to get an extra 10.1% processing speed you need to more than double your outlay for the processor. What complete and total idiot would pay this? Certainly not this particular idiot. I'll pass on the 940 thank you very very very much. I'll leave it to the extreme overclock and lapper crowd which gets its jollies from bragging online to total strangers how they benchmarked 0.00026% faster by turning their entire computer system into a heap of smoking slag. After all, if you put all the extreme overclockers and lappers together their combined IQ is still in single figures.

Before you start tossing molotov cocktails, note that by "extreme overclockers" I'm referring to those lunatic asylum escapees who run thermal phase, LN2 and other megawanker coolant schemes to reach OCs in the stratosphere for the sole reward of bragging rights and street cred. I'm certainly not referring to computer users who utilize manufacturer supplied facilities such as AMD OverDrive (for Green Team CPUs, of course).

So I'm definitely going with the Core i7 920. Now onto operating system. Yes, I know. After all my fuming at Vista's massive inadequacies, I am finally turning my back on my beloved old XP Pro. There are only two choices for operating system at this point in the Dell ordering process and they're both Vista. Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium Edition SP1 64-Bit which again is Included in Price, or Genuine Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit for which you need to add $150. For all of you who have been living in a cave since Longhorn became Vista, you might be surprised to learn that Vista Ultimate is the biggest, most useless ripoff operating system ever created by homo sapiens. It was supposed to have all sorts of tasty extras released for it, most of which never materialized. There is absolutely, completely, totally, and definitely no reason on this green earth why anyone should spend an extra dollar for Vista Ultimate, let alone $150. There is nothing that the prosumer, enthusiast, gamer, and similar computer user will ever do that will require anything above Vista Home Premium. Period. Vista Ultimate is for suckers only.

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