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Step-by-Step Do It Yourself TV Repair

Updated on October 27, 2009

Repairing a TV or any other type of electronic or technological product can sometimes become MORE expensive if you take it to a service center than the actual product is worth. On the other hand, sometimes servicing it yourself is the only way to go - especially if you still want to have a TV to watch! Recently I decided to take a look online and see if I could find any really easy guides on how to fix your TV on your own and I was pleasantly surprised.

This actually is nothing like the XBox ring of death or fixing a laptop. Fixing a TV is actually quite easy, and in just a few steps you will be on your way to watching TV again! Of course when it comes to TVs there are also several things that CAN go wrong. So one of the first things I would suggest is doing a little checklist like the one below:

- If your TV isn't working or there is "snow" make sure your TV is on the right channel. I know, this sounds absurd! But I can't tell you how many times a kid walks in the room and touches the remote, or a dog jumps on the couch and changes the channel or just about anything else. So even though it is absurd, be sure to check it anyway!

- If your TV won't turn on at all make sure your cables including your HD and coaxial cables are secured. If you have a digital TV with a lot of other wires going on in the back of your TV sometimes these wires can get tangled and even "loosen" themselves from their appropriate jacks.

- If you have an Antenna TV or dish, be sure that they are in GOOD places. Sometimes you would be amazed at the simpleness of an antenna. It's been sitting where it's been sitting for years, but a little tweaking could make whatever is going on fixed in about 2 minutes! Also, with a lot of dish networks if its rainy, snowy, or windy outside the sheer force from these types of seasonal problems can often mess up your dish! If need be call the TV repair man and make HIM climb up on the roof!

- If you have a bad picture chances are the screen is magnetized and the automatic demagnetizing function built into the TV isn't working. If there are any stereo speakers, electric motors or anything that may be magnetic, remove them. I know for my TV when I have my cell phone by my speakers it makes my TV do really weird things. Things you wouldn't expect! So keep an eye out for this!

- If you have your digital box for your cable in a console of some sort with doors, sometimes the digital box can get overheated. For my console I have my XBox, PSP, PlayStation, digital TV box, DVD player and a few other things running - sometimes more than one thing at a time. So it's important to realize that when you do this (especially if its enclosed) that more often than not the hot air IN the console is NOT circulating and it needs to be! Open up the doors for a while and turn everything off for a few minutes!

If the above-mentioned checklist doesn't help you and your TV still isn't working (can't turn it on, bad picture, can't change channels), I would really suggest that you unplug the TV and if need be unplug the digital cable box if applicable. It's important to remember that a digital product like your TV box is STILL a computer. Sometimes it sticks, freezes, overheats, etc. I'm just saving you a phone call to the cable company because they will tell you to do the same thing even after putting you on hold for 20 minutes.

Simply turn off the TV from the remote or the TV, unplug the TV cables and wires, unplug your digital box if applicable, and wait a few minutes. Once you wait a few minutes, plug everything back in and see if it works. I'm almost positive it will! And if it doesn't? There are other ways you can go about this such as looking at some sites available online. Videos, articles, guides, books and every other thing you could possibly think of is available to you at the click of a mouse!


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    • profile image

      Leonard 7 years ago

      I have a 52" RCA HDTV projection tv and when powered on it turns off 3 secs later, what might be the problem causing this?

    • profile image

      Rene 4 years ago

      Thanks for the checklist---it turned out that the connections weren't secure. Saved me a bundle of time and money!

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