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Steps For Making A Successful Blog

Updated on May 11, 2016

No Body Wants To Be A Failure !

This article assumes that the reader has basic knowledge about blogging so i will not go into the very basics details of making blogs that can be found on many other sites of internet and even in the guidlines of the blogging platforms like blogger ,tumblr and wordpress.

Blogging is a source of income as well as hobby for many. Weather you are into blogging for income or hobby you don't want your time to go waste . Everyone wants the created blog to be read by people around the globe and be recognized by Google in the Search . Though the basic rule of making your blog recognized by Google in search results is to Write original and quality content on your blog. If this is followed along with some basic keyword search than Google will always appreciate the blog by showing in the search results .

Like me most of you must have made many blogs that failed . and both you and i know that moment when you have to give up on a blog and all your time spent on that blog is wasted just due to the same old mistakes that everyone repeats . So this article is to give you a general idea about the steps of making a blog . If you follow these steps honestly then your blog will definitly not be a failure . Remember these steps and whenever you want to start a new blog keep these in mind if you don't want to end up wasting your time .

The following steps can also be used for writing articles on article writing sites and even Hubpages.

Steps to make a blog
Steps to make a blog

First Things First !

I am taking the example of a blog that i just made so you will be able to understand the process better.

Example Blog : All Beatles Songs

Before even making the blog i searched for the keywords and kept a log of everything i did on a Word document so that i don't deviate from the path .

Actually when we start a blog , especially for income , a lot of ideas keep comming to mind but when we begin the work then we forget all these ideas . So i kept writing these ideas and whatever i had in my mind before starting the blog.

Suggestion : Keep Writing your ideas and whatever your plans are about your new Blog you want to make .

Three Pillars Of Blog

The three pillars of a successful blog are Keywords,Content and revenue . For the blog mentioned above in the example wrote it all before publishing my blog .


The first step is to think about what will be the content of your blog and what exactly you want to do with your blog . keep writing all that you want to add on your blog . e.g For the "all beatles song" blog i decided that i will add the beatles songs from youtube and mp3 site , ocassionally some general posts about the life of beatles and the lists of top or famous songs.


The next step is to do some keyword research and select the keywords you will focus on your blog . And never deviate from the keywords you select in this phase so keep writing the selected keywords so that you don't forget.

-Keyword search done using Google Keyword Planner

-Used only low competition adgroups for keywords .

Template Selection :

Can be done in the later stages when you finally make the blog . but you should have a general idea what type of template you would be using . i would suggest donot use the free templates available on the internet as these templates have a lot of errors and hidden links to other sites and this affect your search engine ranking . I prefer using the simple default templates and modify them myself .


Usually we start writing posts after the creation of the blog but i would suggest you to write them before you make the blog . write atleast 3 to 5 posts before setting up the blog and write the titles of the posts that you would write in the future .

for the example blog here is what i wrote about the posts on the blog. Just to give me an idea what will i be writing on the blog .

-Beatles songs from youtube (videos),
-Beatles songs from Mp3 Sites ,
-Top Ten Best Beatles Songs
-Lyrics of Beatles Songs.
-LIst of all beatles albums.
-Best Beatles Album
-John Lennon Songs


Site or Blog has to have some pages . so decide what will be the pages on your blog and write their content before publishing the blog. Usually blogs must have atleast the following pages in the beginning and a site map must be regularly updated.

-Privacy Policy
-Contact Us

Revenue :

Selection of the revenue source is very important so decide what will be your revenue source to earn money from your blog if you intend to do you . For the "All Beatles Songs" blog I decided the following two revenue resources .

-Amazon affiliate program and selling Beatles Albums and Related Books about biography


Stick to you Plan and you will end up somewhere nice

That's all you need to follow while setting up a blog . Though these steps are very simple and we all know it but we deviate from these important steps and ignore these simple steps that must be followed while making a blog . So stick to these steps, be patient and you will definately make a successful blog provided that the content is of good quality and not copied from any other site .

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