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Steps to build websites

Updated on May 2, 2016

4 steps to build a professional blog flourished

Step 1: identify

Now we start the creative blog site in mind, this step you prepare paper pen or simply open Microsoft software Words up and answer the questions below that I put to you:

  • Do you like blogging? Should create a Blog now?
  • You want your blog to write about the subject?
  • You want to grow your Blog how many users per month?
  • You want your web page how (what background colour? texture?..)
  • The object you are? (Students, housewives, Office, gamers ...)
  • The domain name you set for the blog page?
  • The purpose of you blogging?
  • You want to make money from blogging? Identify the product and your income source
  • You can take care of your readers?

Note: You should select domain name the domain name easy to remember to associate to the subject that you are writing and you should put a short domain name will better because people usually lazy to type more of the characters and sometimes frustrating and not cause wrong type on your page. And finally you should type in the location bar to see who owns it yet if yes then you can send an Email to the owner of that domain to negotiate to buy back otherwise, you must choose a different domain name.

If you answer all of the questions above then we move through step 2.

Step 2: Build

Today is the day you were born Blogcủa (you have registered the domain name, Hosting to create a personal web page to share your tinđã buy 1 site template or hire a programmer to make your website a.. or simply register for a free web page with Google's blogging service with templates available that they provide. Currently the number 1 choice for creating blogs/bloggers that is WordPress, if you are know what WordPress or use it on the job how you can read to learn basic WordPress Serie from the Blog, very useful for you.

Then, when your website was born, began to develop the idea of you website! Written and written.

At this you breaking dawn ready gas hực destroyed all carry how much ambition aspiration that his site name, thủa top hực breaking dawn air even the formula because this child white night is easy to see if you are really enthusiastic. However, you do not need to eat or change diapers as the new born child but it needs you to take care as the other mothers fathers force you to give up your favorite movies or refuse the drink coffee with your friends to do the mundane tasks like answering a Comment, write a new post every day. And other objectiv billion excuse when you operate.

Step 3: decide

You have to go along his left child overcome difficulties together, about 2 months and it has started to take the visitor from the first to the thousands of Chinese readers, you may have to sell some items or have some ads and rental units began to have a bit of experience on Web management , Content Writing as well as more specialized knowledge which you are focusing on the Development Blog.

This stage is the stage start short leveled practice but practice it must have to stumble and stumble upon is the need to stand up, hard top, no time, angry girlfriend or did not know what to write anymore? Most importantly yourself can decide that is the source of income that work blogging.

Have second reason on the life aspect ratio TVs to another, to issue you need to address, not for days and leave it be. Bạnđiên up because the answer goes back to answer a question or questions is easy too, you afraid? under attack, ... you've spent months on the night plying but almost zero results about 20-> 100 visitors a day. such. This problem may be due to poor Marketing or other inferior skills? Okay, gradually will experience up.

See this post to help you overcome: to overcome difficulties when blogging Pro

This is the most difficult stage you must fight psychology abandon or continue but who are also at the so and those not passionate enough they will remove the horizontal (death) the rest they will continue but how to get back the inspiration now? Here are some ways you can apply:

  • Go to the web page of the successful people in your field?
  • Meet the people who have the experience to go ahead?
  • Read some books about thinking and success?
  • Watch the Video of motivation to solve problems you encounter?
  • Walking or exercising sport

Step 4: development, growth, and development

When you pass the stage 3, I believe that your site was large enough to create for you the income sources and alleged difficulties put next to a now is just the wind, the difficulty that help you get stronger. The goal you're aiming it's thousands of weekly view 1 on, the ad contract, tidy sums from these forms of making money from your Blog.

Escape-proof time passed over the years now your website has great now had members or those loyal readers visit the site daily. But the important thing is that you still need to have the development strategy for the Blog to a new height. Can at this stage, it is too large for your jewelry, we encountered many problems occur, can:

  • You need to hire more employees to administer the Blog/article.
  • You need to recruit more people to support the readers?.
  • You need to upgrade their servers to increase capacity.
  • You need to hire a private company to design for you a style.
  • You need to enhance the security of the site.

A lot of work needs to be done? According to statistics, the 10 people out early, then those only 2 people at this step and you have a 1 in 2 people are depending on you. Please consider blogging work is a real job, as a StartUp Project of yours truly, have difficulty crossing, I believe certainly that experience/passion + likely + with the durability of your success is just the thing to happen sooner or later.


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