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Still Confused About Adopting New Technology?

Updated on December 6, 2014

The world is waking up to the need of using cloud services for business as well as personal purposes. With the world's major tech organizations rolling out cloud services, there is a buzz around cloud hosting technology. Even with the numerous benefits it offers, some people are still apprehensive about adopting cloud computing

The confusion is not limited to just the consumers; but some geeks who don't fully comprehend this fabulous concept and the benefits offered by it, are also somewhat averse to the idea of Cloud computing. Here we discuss and shed light on the cloud and the services offered by cloud, that can help you comprehend this tech puzzle to see why switching to the cloud might actually offer more than you could ever imagine and provide solutions to a lot of problems that you faced in the past.


Getting to know the cloud

The cloud is a vast array of storage servers, which are located at various locations around the globe . When you store a file in the cloud, this simply means that the file is safely stored in the servers and can be accessed whenever and wherever we wish to access it, through an internet connection. The cloud is different from the on-premise services as the files put onto the cloud are saved through the internet on servers. It not just offers you the flexibility to access your files and data whenever and wherever you may need it but also saves you the hassle of losing precious data in case of a system crash.

2. What is right for you?

Essentially, with the cloud the customer is never required to manage or invest heavily in the IT and infrastructure that enables the customer to concentrate solely on other important aspects of their organization and not anything else. Also, computing is provided as a service essentially giving the customer their own personal drive in the cloud, or online. You can upload, store in the same servers, rather than on your own device.

3. Needs, to each his own

The cloud offers a number of beneficial services and thus it is used differently by users depending on their requirements. In the broadest sense, the services offered by the cloud can be a web service or application hosting, but the cloud is just one service that can be used specifically to our needs.

For instance, Facebook and Gmail are both cloud based services but are not the same, as we know that both are a world apart. The services the cloud offers can be used in a variety of ways, all leading to a better experience.


4. Economical, fast and much more

There are more than a few reasons that makes cloud a strong and reliable option to switch to. The biggest one being that you can access your data via the internet from a computer or a handheld device providing you with the ease of access within your reach anytime of the day.

It also provides the facility of data security and data recovery in case of large scale disasters. This is done by the service provider as promised in the service level agreement, thus providing top level service in crucial times, providing cloud hosting a significant advantage over the other options in the market.

The Cloud undoubtedly offers a lot of benefits that would go a long way in the growth of your business. It not only offers you flexibility of using your data/files anywhere you wish to but also provides data security. Moreover, it offers savings as you do not have to invest heavily on the IT infrastructure in your organization as the cloud is a reliable partner and can be trusted for the safety and security of your precious data.


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