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Facebook Strangers Stop 'Waving' at Me - It's Creepy!

Updated on June 15, 2018
Strangers waving to me on Facebook is just eerie.
Strangers waving to me on Facebook is just eerie. | Source

Facebook's Child-Like Wave is Driving Me Crazy

I don't know these people waving at me on Facebook but most of them seem to be strange men with odd fixated looks on their faces. What is the purpose of this juvenile-like action that is offered on Facebook?

You wave at your neighbor when they pass by in their car and you wave at your kids as they leave for the school bus but you don't wave to strangers offline or on! This waving feels intrusive, to say the least.

As I take the first sip of my coffee at the break of dawn and turn on the computer, my screen is infiltrated by strangers waving at me. As I sit in front of my computer with a head full of untamed bed-hair and sporting my bag-lady-like pajamas, this is the last thing I want to see and deal with. The only bit of thanks I have during this scenario is that they don't see me.

If I randomly waved at strangers as I walked down the street in the real world, people would think I have a problem that needs addressing. Parents would steer their kids clear of the happy waving lady.

Adults would cross to the other side of the street to avoid this lady who is displaying happiness on her face with a fake facial grimace, much like the profile pictures online of these strange men who are waving at me.

With that said, why is it okay for strangers to "wave" at me through my computer screen while I am in the privacy of my own home?

Frustration Over Facebook Waving

Facebook waving from strangers is causing frustration among the masses.
Facebook waving from strangers is causing frustration among the masses. | Source

I Am Not Alone In My Thoughts

It seems that people are finding this Facebook offering to wave at strangers a bit perturbing and that is coming from both sides. The folks receiving these waves, as well as some of the unfortunate wavers out there, are finding fault with this Facebook option.

When this waving option was added a few years back people were finding they were hitting it accidentally, which made for some embarrassing situations. They found themselves not only waving to people they didn't know but some complained they sent a wave to an ex, their boss, and their neighbors quite by accident.

Facebook Waving is a Pet Peeve for Many Folks

Waving isn't a popular pass time.
Waving isn't a popular pass time. | Source

I Am Waving at You... No, I Am Not!

There are endless complaints from people who have taken to Facebook to look up old flames, employers, bosses and even neighbors when they have accidentally sent the "I am waving at you" message. This can be a mortifying message when sent by accident.

When you are snooping in Facebook accounts, especially those that you don't want anyone else to know about, the last thing you want to do is advertise that you were there. That is what happens when you accidentally start waving at someone you were trying to scope out while being inconspicuous, which could be embarrassing.

You might say that by getting caught in a waving incident while snooping is getting just what a person deserves, but we all do it... snoop on social media that is.

Look at What You Just Did!

Facebook lets you know what you just did.
Facebook lets you know what you just did. | Source

The Deed is Done, So What Now?

If you do a lot of searching on Facebook, it can't hurt to have a backup message you can send just in case you end up in a waving situation unintentionally. If you accidentally send that message, have something at the ready like, "I am sorry, I didn't mean to hit this button to give you the impression I was waving at you. Please disregard."

This could cut future unwanted virtual advances after your waving message has already opened that door. With all the money Facebook is worth, you would think they would come up with something more adult-like, or better yet do away with the "getting to know you " prompting buttons altogether.

If I don't want to wave at anybody or have anyone wave at me, I certainly am not in the mode to "poke" an individual or be "poked." There is nothing that I have to say that a few good old fashion words and a couple of generic emojis can't take care of.


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