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Stopping the Citadel Malware

Updated on April 23, 2013

Citadel Malware Ransom

I wanted to stop it from freezing my screen. There was something for a company on the computer pretending to be as if from the government or the FBI as it stated. I could not do anything then with the computer as far as I knew. It was asking me to pay something for a fine as if I had done something wrong. It had the message that otherwise I would face prosecution for something I had done on the Internet.

I thought that was pretty silly. I knew that it was some kind of a problem but how to stop it. So I decided to take a chance and just type in the numbers that I was supposed to get after paying the fine. You could type in the numbers they would give you after paying the fine and the screen would go back to normal and they would leave you alone. There were different threats on the screen. It was very annoying. I felt threatened. So without paying the fine, I just made up some numbers and put them in. As soon as I put the numbers in like magic it went away and let go of the computer screen. I thought that was pretty good. I realized something more might be wrong with it but I did not think anything of it. It is called Ransomware. You really wonder who is making all of those things. Poor people must go out and pay the fine for it.

I did not know the name of the virus but then I saw it on the FBI site when I was checking on something else. Someone tried to pull a scam on me from craigslist. So I am getting pretty good at dealing with computer problems. I have had others on the computer before and had to try and get them off. So it is pretty scary to try and do something about them. On the site it said that the FBI was looking into it. It also said that you would need to go to a computer repair company. I thought it would be helpful if someone knew that they could just put in another number instead of paying a fine. The FBI states on there of course that it has nothing to do with them. The funny part is though that in one of the sting operations they had or someone had put one of those messages on a criminal's computer to scare them.

After that, I decided to look up the malware and how to get rid of it. There were a couple of different pages saying different things. It said you can remove it in two ways. You can get a virus protection program such as Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is really needed to get rid of the virus. I am not sure still if it got it all off. But it did get over 20 other items off the computer that Microsoft Security Essentials had not been able to get off. That program had been bothering about something else on the computer. Before I had done a System Restore to get rid of the other virus. It worked really well and it stopped it from coming back.

The article stated that for the manual part of removal if you wanted to do that the files would say dll on them. It seems that would be difficult to find and do. You need to be careful that you do not take something else off that you should not.

Before I had gone and asked at Best Buy about the Geek Squad doing something for another virus and it would have cost over $200.00 to get rid of it. They said it could be all over the computer. I don't know if that is all just to scare you or you could do it yourself. I am afraid they might still be on it. The computer is still acting strange, or else it is just slow from the Internet connection. The screen keeps freezing. I expected it to stop doing that after the other virus was taken off.


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    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 4 years ago from USA

      i had a bunch of crap with that dll. My computer is under warranty so I called for help. A virus of course that got through AVG. Only way to get rid of the crap was to do save what I could, and we had to reinstall Windows, and start out fresh.

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