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StreetDeal Scams More Than 200 People

Updated on July 27, 2015

Cheated by

I initially posted my experience on The Real Singapore (they folded so I can't link to it) to warn others. In a nutshell, I was scammed by after I bought a deal from them. I found a $88 charge on my credit card with no idea when or how I purchased their "premium membership". The replies to the emails I sent were not just vague, they were intentionally misleading (just like the check out process). After corresponding with them, I still had no idea how it happened, other than I was automatically signed up for the premium membership of $88 when I purchased a deal.

The screenshots on The Real Singapore link don't seem to be working so I am reposting them below. Judge for yourself.

After posting, lo and behold, I found out some other people got scammed as well. My friend read it and told me about the many other websites and news article about their unethical behaviour since April 2013. It is clear that knew about this problem but continued in an effort to deliberately mislead and scam people! It seems that the scamming is a constant and persistent problem. More than 200 people have been cheated so far.

When you initially visit, it doesn’t mention the monthly charge ANYWHERE, I am sure many like me didn't know it was subscription based. It is only when you click on the tiny tab named "StreetDeal Premium" way down on the bottom left of the website then it explains what the premium membership all about. The tab was so small and so hidden, I didn't even know it was there until now, how could I have signed up purposefully? Something was up!

Email 1 to

Email 2 to

Email 3, 4 & 5 to

According to a Yahoo Newsroom 16th April 2013 article by Nurul Azliah Aripin - "Over 200 customers of StreetDeal Singapore, a website selling deal vouchers for consumer goods and services, have complained on the company’s Facebook Page that they had unwittingly been charged on their credit cards with premium membership of at least $99 annually."

It also mentions a reply by a StreetDeal Singapore spokesperson, “Premium charges are clearly stated twice on the payment page, first in the offer itself, second in the legal T&Cs right before customer confirm their purchase,” he added in response to the premium price option on the payment page, that is automatically selected and customers need to manually choose the non-premium price in order to not get roped into their membership."

See full article here.

Wait! Did they say "premium charges are clearly stated twice...... first in the offer itself"? When I checked the URL for the deal I purchased and then my voucher (see below). Nowhere does it say "Premium" or "Premium membership" required. It seemed like a regular transaction just like any other.

Another person who was scammed had screenshots of the checkout process, the total amount displayed doesn't include the insurance (in her case) so she was clueless until she received her bill. My experience was similar. See her screenshots below, where she compares Groupon's clear checkout process that states the total. She also advise customers to be aware of the following before checkout.

1) the tiny ‘insurance’ box to uncheck 2) another tiny ‘premium member’ box to uncheck

Her full story is here.

This is's Facebook Page today, no comments are allowed. Not a surprise since they had that function but was slammed left right and center on their page. Not to mention, swarmed with phone calls from unhappy customers. This shows how intentionally unethtical their dealings are.

In fact they have gotten from bad to worse, it was $99 for an ANNUAL premium membership and now its $88 for a QUARTERLY premium membership (in my case and some others).


There is even a Facebook Page called the Streetdeal Singapore Consumers Interest Group with 347 likes and a whole lot of pissed off people, all complaining about being cheated. It appears that gets really creative with their scams, it range from a small $9 charge per month to annual charges of $99 or quarterly charges of $88 to refusing a refund for vouchers that aren't used, sudden charge to existing customer's account, charging "insurance" for purchases.

There is another Facebook Page called We Demand an Explanation from Streetdeal Malaysia with 186 likes so this issue isn't just in Singapore but Malaysia as well. I bet we will soon see it happen in Thailand and Indonesia as well.

A pissed off customer - equine, wrote on about her attempt to bring them to Small Claims Court.

"What happened was Streetdeal had an exclusive arbitration clause in their terms & conditions, stating that all disputes are to be settled at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), on an individual basis, no class action. Because of this exclusive arbitration clause, the entire case was out of the jurisdiction of the Subordinate Courts, of which the SCT is a part of. So, what is wrong with settling disputes at SIAC? In general, SIAC is a place for ORGANISATIONS to settle disputes, not individuals. Arbitration fees start from $8,000+. So, which customer in their right mind would bring Streetdeal to SIAC to claim a few hundred dollars of refund?"

See full story here.

No wonder they are so daring, they know that no one will go to court because it just doesn't make sense. So their method is to scam a little here, a little there, not enough from 1 person to warrant going to court. But it all adds up, doesn't it? They also have branches in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia! The scale of their scams and potential ill gains are worrying.

I have since cancelled my account but still feel insecure that my credit card information is with them, I don't know when they are going to billed me again for purchases I did not make. Buyer beware and save yourself $88, look out for unauthorised purchases on your credit card as well.If you have already been cheated by them, file a fraud claim with your bank to get your money back! There have been some successful cases so far.

It really angers me that such an unethical company still functions as we speak and more people plus merchants would get scammed. Share with your family and friends now, they could be 1 of the 32, 676* people on their Facebook page. Don't fall prey to underhanded vendors looking to make a quick buck.

*As of 10th June, after my The Real Singapore article was published, it has fallen to 32, 000.

More complains of their scams below.

© 2014 Min


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    • profile image

      Ho Yeong Cherng 16 months ago

      I received a reply from Streetdeal. His name is Mike and email

      Same as your case, I had purchase a power bank in Oct 2015 and upon submission I had agreed to be the premium member.

      I answer by saying:

      “Base on the consumer protection (Fair Trading) act and Lemon Law, this is an unauthorized charges. I suggest you work with OCBC bank to give me a full refund. Or else, action will be taken.”

      Next day, he offer to change the $88x3 = $264 into Streetdeal dollar and must be used in 6 months.

      What do you think? Should I take up the offer?

      Anyone you know is still fighting for this case? I can reject the offer and join in the case.

    • profile image

      Ho Yeong Cherng 16 months ago

      I get into the same scam as you. I just file a police report and submit a dispute form to OCBC. The police advice be to file a report with CASE.

      My stituation is the same as you. On the 5 Oct 2015 last year, I purchase a power bank from StreetDeal. After almost half a year, I receive the first premium membership fee of $88 in May, Aug and Dec 2016. I just relise these payment when I recieve the Dec statement from OCBC. Most of all the description stated Streetdeal SG SG 6361 0888 Bangkok TH. This is from Bangkok.

      Streetdeal has replied me that I can cancel by login and uncheck the membership.

      As I had already terminate the current card, so I will hold until I have more progress. Most likely CASE will not be able to ask Streetdeal to pay me back.

      Feel free to drop me an email at if you want to discuss further and maybe we can come out an solution to fight the case.

      BTW, have you get back the payments?

    • profile image

      jeff 23 months ago

      when i checked my bank statement recently (april 2016) i noticed that street deal deducted 90.45 sgd to my account. I quickly emailed them why it does happen. Streetdeal agent (Mike Miranda) replied that i subscribed to Streetdeal and required to pay $88sgd quarterly when i purchased steamboat voucher (April 2015) which i didn't recall i subscribe for anything. in that case they already deducted 90.45 sgd x 5 months already. im really annoyed for what happened. i have paid 450 sgd in total without my consent. and my stupid bank didn't give me an alert that this scammer is getting money from me. the streetdeal is not able to refund my money and they are strict that it is not refundable. they offer street dollar worth of $88 that need to be consume for 6 months. they made big profit for that offering that stupid tactics... I am going to make dispute to my bank and see how it goes. but literally this scam technique will still continue until the issue is not highlighted to justice.

    • profile image

      Nabilah 2 years ago

      Hi, I've just got scammed a few days ago too. And I'm disputing like crazy and the customer service answer are very rude and vague.

    • profile image

      Victor 2 years ago

      I also kena scammed. Bought a $1 polar voucher and did not realise that they charged $88. Only realise after 4 deductions. Called me and they reject refunding me. Called the bank and they only assist to refund the last sum. In total, lost $352 just for buying a $1 voucher.

    • profile image

      Davidson 2 years ago

      I am the latest victim.

    • profile image

      izlee 2 years ago

      I just checked and realized I was scammed by StreetDeals.

      Now the problem started when I purchased from 2013 and was since charged quarterly for the premium membership. No where in the payment page that it was stated I would be charged.

      Now the issue is my credit card was expired in 2014 and yet I was still billed in Jun and Sep! I had informed the bank and had my card cancelled but I don't think the problem will not solved.

      has anyone here successfully had their money refund?

    • profile image

      Lost 2 years ago

      Please help to sign this petition. We want our money back and we want to shut down StreetDeal!

    • profile image

      Angry 2 years ago

      Just being scammed too n no refund can be made. Wonder if going to the bank helps

    • profile image

      Nicole 2 years ago

      Boon Lin, you have to e-mail them to cancel it. This is a very horrendous company, really. I see I'm not the only one. Very very rude.

    • profile image

      ng boon lin 2 years ago

      I was advised by email that I could login to Your Account to cancel SD Premium membership subscription. But when I did so,

      there was no Cancel button.

      Has anyone Cancelled Premium subscription using the Your Account page? Please advise how you did so if you did.


    • profile image

      nn 2 years ago

      Please guys.make this big and tear them down like sim lim.

      When I say big. I meant really big

      Now election is coming. Govt body usually more enthu.

      Write to prime minister office. Private message lee hsian long.

      Visit your mp and police etc

      If sim lim that stupid fraud can be caught even though the t&c protects him, what makes u all think that the law cant do anything to streetdeal?

      Dont let them continue like this. Cheaters should be punished.

    • Blackilocks profile image

      Min 2 years ago from Singapore

      Yes Brijesh, It's terrible. Warn others so they don't fall prey.

    • profile image

      Brijesh 2 years ago

      Pathetic company with a dishonest and fraud ways to fleece the customers off their money. Dont fall victim to their premium discount , lateryou will be charged 88sgd premium membership fee without asking you or seeking your approval.

    • Blackilocks profile image

      Min 2 years ago from Singapore

      Yes Za, they really are. Best bet is ask your bank to help get your money back and also to block all future transactions from them. Also spread the word so more people know about them. This is what we can do. Good luck.

    • profile image

      Za Chua 2 years ago

      Yeah, this is still happening. I'm just writing and answering stupid assertions from Streetdeals where they sent me emails that claim that they have sent to me for confirmation and some screenshots that I have never seen before because I made my purchase on the mobile site. Luckily I took a photo of each screenshot during my purchase so I am so taking this up with them. Very unscrupulous and low-handed company.

    • Blackilocks profile image

      Min 2 years ago from Singapore

      Please spread the message, this is terrible. I just had some people on my FB who still like the Page and I alerted them. We can't let them get away with it! ANGRY.

    • profile image

      Deb 2 years ago

      Omg yes, there's a new site called and I got scammed. Zzz, please report to CASE Singapore

    • profile image

      angel 2 years ago

      there is a new site

      i got scammed too on the membership thingy. The layout of streetdeal and straitdeals are exactly the same, suspect is same company.

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      Just got scammed too

    • profile image

      CH 2 years ago

      I am a victim too! Bought a kitchen item for $8.90 and was shocked to see the $88 charge in my credit card bill. I called up my credit card company, Citibank, but the staff told me that as I had indeed made a purchase with the card, there is nothing they can do (i.e. I cannot say someone made an unauthorized purchase using my card). Really angry over the unscrupulous method they used to scam people of their money!

      I have emailed StreetDeal but they gave me the standard reply as mentioned by someone above and ignored my further emails. 卑鄙无耻!

      My mum said just take it as a lesson learnt, and don't worry, the boss(es) will get their retribution for such evil doings!

    • profile image

      helpless 3 years ago

      I just noticed the charges, and when I checked, I have been charged 5 times, total of $400++. For 1 item i bought in Mar 2014. I feel really helpless and angry that I did not notice these charges earlier. I only use my account for giro items and did not think that such a company would charge such an exorbitant amount repeatedly for a service that I did not use since that 1 purchase. Have called in DBS but they sound like they can't do anything about it. Have also called in Streetdeal, but it from all the angry posts I've seen online, it doesn't sound hopeful. Any advice on what I can do to get a refund would help.

      Is there really nothing we can do to companies like these in Singapore?

    • Blackilocks profile image

      Min 3 years ago from Singapore

      Oh dear, I hear you!

      Please do share this story with others, it really saddens me that they are still scamming people. You can try your bank to get the money back.

      They also gave me the roundabout in Singapore, sounding pretty darn smug over the phone as well. ANNOYING.

    • PrincessZan profile image

      PrincessZan 3 years ago

      This company is even scamming in Malaysia. I was charged with RM149 for the Premium Membership (PM) that I did not sign for. Called a local number and a Filipina answered. She said that I had activated the PM in March 2014 and was billed in Dec 2014.

      I told her that I had no cause to subscribe to the PM as the service of the suppliers were really bad and they had given me a different item from what I had ordered after nearly 2 months. And even if I did activate it, (which I did not) they should've sent me a Confirmation Email to inform me that I had activated the PM and that I had 48 hours to decide whether to accept or terminate the subscription during the 48 hr grace period.

      She agreed to refund to my Credit Card and I told her to send me a confirmation email. She did BUT instead of refunding it to the card, the refund is in STREETDEAL DOLLARS.

      I am reaching the end of my tether and my patience is wearing thin. I will report this matter to the authorities if they do not resolve this issue soon.

    • Blackilocks profile image

      Min 3 years ago from Singapore

      Sorry to hear about this, it is ridiculous I is blatant cheating. The only one that is popular is CASE. I suggest the best way to get your money back is to let your bank know about it. Also spread the word so people do not fall prey to them. Hope things work out for you.

    • profile image

      Logicrulz 3 years ago

      I have even more poor and unreasonable experience with StreetDeal. Purchased a travel deal for over S$500 along with Stretdeal Insurance for extra $26 (about 5% of deal value). As per their insurance policy:

      Shop from home with the comfort of knowing that if you are not able to get a booking, if you did not receive your product, or if you simply did not use your voucher, StreetDeal will insure that you are always 100% satisfied.

      In the above cases, and by simple request, you are eligible to a refund of 100% payment made on StreetDeal within 14 working days of your request .

      Now, the travel vendor is not able to provide me booking for the travel dates I needed, and I have not used the voucher. All that Streetdeal is doing is that - it is giving me Streetdeal vouchers (called StreetDollars) of Equivalent amount and not a cash refund to my credit card despite me having purchased an insurance with them. That too they suggest to utilize these within 6 months. Upon contacting they are simply refusing for a cash refund. So basically I pay extra for insurance just to get Streetdeal Vouchers for undelivered services for my cash spent.

      a) My money is stuck

      b) I have to buy again from Streetdeal only to utilize the Streetdollars

      c) I have to buy within 6 months else the amount lapses

      What kind of refund is this? I find this absolutely unacceptable as a customer and willing to explore options to bring this to the notice of consumer protection authorities.

    • Blackilocks profile image

      Min 3 years ago from Singapore

      Oh no....that's terrible. So sorry to hear that......I have heard of people successfully getting their banks to refund them so I think that is the best avenue. Make sure your credit card details are also protected so you don't get unauthorised billings in future. Good luck! It's terrible, so many people have been cheated. From tens of dollars to thousands. Please spread the word so people are aware.

    • Blackilocks profile image

      Min 3 years ago from Singapore

      I know right? I still see their FB page on my newsfeed (not that I follow them, it just pops up) and people still following and liking them. Sad........There have been cases of refunds via banks - as long as you have evidence as to your purchase made and goods/services undelivered, it should be enough. It would help to send them this article as well as other links on this to make your case stronger.

    • profile image

      michelle 3 years ago

      i dunno y so many people got scam yet the police and banks are not aware? i just got reply from bank say my evidence not enough! do u think we can get media like 前线追中 to feature and warn more people? I guess need to make the case big like Sim Lim then will close them down

    • profile image

      Vinod 3 years ago

      I purchased a Burberry leather wallet voucher from which was costing SGD 149. The purchase was done around late August or early September 2014, and the order was supposed to be shipped between Oct 01-14, 2014. The dealer was listed in the voucher as

      As I did not receive my product well beyond the promised date, my first communication with the vendor was done on 17/OCT/2014 requesting the status of delivery and to send me the shipping tracking number.

      Since then until today, I have sent around 25+ emails in total to Voxxus Marketing ( and ( I was not given the shipping tracking number and Voxxus and Streetdeal kept throwing the responsibility of providing a tracking number upon each other like a ping-pong ball. Streetdeal also emailed the vendor that in case they don't respond within 3 working days with the tracking number, I will be refunded my money.

      As of today (29/OCT/2014):

      - I have not received my product

      - I have not received a shipping tracking number

      - I have not received a missed delivery note from Singpost or any other courier agency

      - I have not been refunded my money

      I am at a loss of SGD 149 and trying to find out the authorities who can handle such complaints and mediate to get me my product or get the dealer refund me my money.