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Stress your eyes less while reading with this freeware

Updated on June 30, 2016

A little info regarding the software:

Firstly, I do not own this software, neither am I promoting it in any way, and if the developer doesn't want it mentioned here, i would definitely make amends.

Now about the software, it's a tool for windows known as NegativeScreen and allows us to easily invert the screen colors whenever we want, I use it on windows 10 but it also works on windows 7, windows 8 and 8.1. I personally find it very useful, since i tend to read a lot on my PC, especially during the night time, which is pretty poison to my eyes. I figured I need to do something about that as i really didn't want to get lenses, so I looked up on the web for something that'll invert the screen colors( because I noticed that white text on black background doesn't cause much stress to my eyes), and I landed on this app which turned out to be pretty promising. Now this app doesn't really ensure that your eyes won't be damaged by the screen, but it definitely reduces the stress caused by the blindingly bright white background on most texual cconten since it turns the black-on-white text to white-on-black text, hence highly reducing the glare.

Here's how you can get it:


visit the official website and download it by clicking on the "Latest binary version (if you don’t know what to download, take this one)" under downloads.

Here's the link to the website~

It's a small file and will probably only take a few seconds to download.


Once you have downloaded it, you will have a "" file, either open it or extract it, and in it you will find a few files. Now if you're on a 32 bit windows, run the "NegativeScreen.exe" and if you're on 64 bit version of windows, run the "NegativeScreenx86.exe"(you can extract the files before running if you want). If you did it properly, your screen colors should be inverted.

Final Step:

So as you see it is much easier to read the content when the text is white-on-black. now to reverse it just click on the icon in the lower right corner. Also, be sure to change the inversion mode to "simple" by pressing win+alt+F1. ie. press the windows key, now without leaving the key press the alt key and then without lifting your fingers from the two keys, press the F1 key. if you still fail to do that you can do it by right clicking on the lower right icon>change mode>simple. Or you could edit the configuration and change the initial color type to "Simple Inversion".

And with that you're good to go, It might take a while to adjust with it but I find it pretty useful, be sure to give your opinion in the comments and ask me any questions or doubts regarding the topic in the comments.


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