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Strolling Through Lynnfield: Intel's New SuperFast SuperAffordable CPU! Part 12

Updated on September 13, 2009

There is no escaping the fact that Lynnfield's debut is easily the single most important new processor of the year and is almost on the level of the premiere of Bloomfield late last year. One of the most interesting aspects is that the poor handicapped non Hyper Threading runt, the Core i5 750, to all extents and purposes is the last nail in the coffin of the sturdy, reliable, and long lived Socket LGA 775 series of processors which culminated in the spectacular and darn near perfect Conroe series. The leading Conroe, the Core 2 Quad Q9650 is handily devastated by the performance of the Core i5 750 and the new Lynnfield CPU manages to do all that at a significantly lower price. Goodbye Conroe. You were great!

Many have argued that the Core i5 750 is the "sweet spot" in the Bloomfield and Lynnfield combined line up, but I disagree with this point. I can't possibly fault the CPU for its thoroughly amazing price of $196. It is quite obvious that if your budget tops out at $200 you can't find a better processor anywhere today. Intel could easily have enabled Hyper Threading as there is no legitimate engineering reason why the Core i5 750 has to be marketed without the ability to double up on its cores.

However, there is a clear reason why they did not. If the Core i5 750 was enabled with Hyper Threading it would step on the toes of most of the i7 line up!

When we compare the raw performance of the Core i7 870 it is definitely quite comparable to the Core i7 975 that it seems that as of right now, anyone contemplating a top performance computer (who is also keeping his budget in mind) has no real need to go onto any Socket LGA 1366 platform at all. The Lynnfield is more than adequate enough and provides unparalleled bang for the buck.

However, the Socket LGA 1366 motherboard which now houses the Bloomfield line does have some advantages which cannot be denied: If you're an OCer, then the Bloomie's stock voltage overclocking is a clear advantage. If you're a gamer, then you can't turn down Bloomfield's high-end multi-GPU performance which the Lynnfield can only dream of.

I'm not an overclocker and I'm not a gamer. Is there any reason why I can justify my Socket LGA 1366?

Dang right, pardners! My Core i7 920 system has built in future support for 6-core Gulftown CPUs. Six cores, cowpokes! That's twelve threads on that ol' Task Manager! Wheeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!

Now... will my "somewhat adequate" Dell Foxconn motherboard allow me to run a Gulftown? Hmm... Good question. I guess we'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it!

The full bottom line on the Lynnfield premiere is as follows:

1) If you're a current Bloomfield owner, don't lose any sleep over it. Keep your system, add some RAM if you can, and you'll never miss the extra few percentage points in performance overall.

2) If you're a current quad core owner, whether Conroe or (pheeeyew) Phenom, do not pass go, do not collect $200, run don't walk to your web browser's address bar, type in and flog your current system to some poor unsuspecting sucker for whatever you can get for it. Go Lynnfield today and you won't regret it.

Yeah. I'm a Bloomfield owner, and I admit it: Lynnfield is one helluva processor! The King is definitely not dead, but I think it now has to share the throne with a co-Regent!

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