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Structural Information

Updated on April 20, 2012

What if structural buildings would work as information systems, similar to how computers work today, but just on a larger scale. The information given would be converted into motion/physical information. Writing and reading is not and will continue to not be used as much. Since audio and video is available that is why using movement or physical communication will be very valuable.

Just think, you walk down the road and there is this crazy modern structure that looks like something, and has some moving walk around it and figure out that it has a message it is trying to convey to you. You climb the stairs on it and look down. There is a small circular pool below with little balls in it. You notice that when wind picks up a hand pointer sways toward a given ball in the pool. That ball then moves because of the wind and heads the direction the hand is pointing. The moving ball bumps into another ball, which changes color.

The idea I was trying to present through this motion/physical interaction was that of perspective. You couldn't even see the hand from the ground or all the balls below. You had to climb the stairs in order to understand that there was an all seeing position that could see everything in the universe"pool".


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