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Sub for Sub - Youtube Subscribers

Updated on December 8, 2012

Youtube Subscribe to a Channel

Today I decided to talk about 'Sub for Sub' on Youtube because like I have mentioned in a previous hubs that Youtube is a territory that I want in on, by this I mean that I have spent a lot of time watching young stars gaining massive fan bases and earning money from the Youtube partnership program.

I haven't quite mastered the content of my videos yet because of still learning about various software and discovering my theme but I am trying to create funny and informative videos, remember that one of the terms of service for acceptance to the Youtube affiliates partnership is that your content is original.

In an attempt to reach a large number of Youtube subscribers in advance of my upload views I have been using the 'sub 4 sub' technique, a lot of people criticize this and they see it as pointless because most people won't view your videos just subscribe to you. I disagree with the latter opinion because I think it buys you time and if your page looks particularly interesting like I explained how to do in the first link above, it will catch peoples eye and attention.

Photo courtesy of peapodsquadmom

Sub for Sub Youtube

As I have mentioned before, 'Sub 4 Sub' is the method that involves negotiating a mutal subscription trade between another Youtube who expresses interest in 'Sub for Sub' on their profile. I have showed an example of what to expect when you searching for these guys on Youtube and it is a good idea to check when they were last online before you message or comment them suggesting a trade.

I find the quickest and easiest way to gain Youtube subscribers is to look for one of these guys who has been on recently, sub them first and leave a comment telling the you have subscribed and you will check for their return of the favour. Some people will send a message first but I find this a long process and it is more efficient to see the recent comments of others who have used the above process and interact with them. Remember if you get some dishonest person not follow the rules you can always unsubscribe from them.

Free Youtube Subscribers

This is truly the best way I have found to get free Youtube subscribers, I have witnessed websites that are specifically dedicated to offering a quick fix of subscribers but when you sign up to them you are mislead through a process that includes subbing several random people and then you have to complete a annoying survey if you haven't enough points to 'pay' for people to sub you back.

As we can see from the screen capture above, on Youtube you get medals awarded if you ever ascend above the top 100 members worldwide in terms of subscribers. You probably know that there are different accounts you can sign up for, I have dedicated my channel as a 'Guru' account because I give advice on SEO and marketing but you can see above that there are different categories depending on whether you are '#20 - Most Subscribed' in general or as a director for example, so far I have only achieved '#7 - Most Subcribed this month'.

Don't Buy Youtube Subscribers

I also did a screenshot above to show your average sub 4 sub user, they tend to use stolen photos of young, attractive and even bohemian girls(which our generation calls Emo) They do this purposefully to attract attention and make their sub 4 sub group stand out, however there are other ways to gain attention and I suggest making a funny video like I have done below because the 'chick-trick' is getting old.


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      MelissaKirby1234 6 years ago

      sub me and i sub back

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      MrKooperTrooper 6 years ago

      sub to me

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      GamerZzNationZz 6 years ago

      sub me i sub bk