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Submitting your Website to a link directory

Updated on April 9, 2011

Tips I've used

In this article I wanted to give some advice to people following the previous hub giving advice on creating your own basic website using Adobe Dreamweaver, because once you have uploaded the site you want to be prominent in the gigantic world wide web. I did some research regarding the content in this article and from what I've learnt you are able to suggest one link per separate domain, also I remember seeing another sub once with a similar theme.

I have recently uploaded my site to my host and the first thing you need to do when beginning your SEO is to create a site-map and submit it to Google, this is a unique xml page which allows Google Bots to navigate their way around your site without missing any pages. You can get yourself the site-map file by going to your search engine and typing 'site-map generater', there are various websites which will write one for you. Once you have this you need to sign into your host website account and upload the xml file into your httpdocs folder and secondly go to your Google webmaster tools account and submit the address of your sitemap, which will look something like:

You can also use 'meta-tags' to help Google and other search engines find there way around your site because meta tags are like the keyword of html language. I won't repeat what other websites provide information on but you can find the html language for how to create meta-tags simply by searching for it. I wanted to provide information in Layman's terms basically pointing people in the direction they need to go and then you can expand your Dreamweaver skills by clicking on the view source code icon and implementing these meta tags between the <Head> and <body> section.

Remember to give your webpages titles in the boxes at the top of the HTML files when you have the window open in Dreamweaver, also you can give your pages 'Meta-Descriptions' which are a little more detailed than just keywords. Lots of the professional's on here use Google Keyword tool to generate word's which get a large response to the related webpages content when searched for in search engines, although other writers prefer to ony include some because they believe it restricts the flow of their writing.

I believe it is also very important to spread backlinks around at directories because search engines crawlers recognise you better when they have seen you link many times and familiarised by inclusion on high profile sites. If you already use Hubpages you can use the bookmarking sites which specialise in blogging, check my SEO Tools hub or here are a few designed specificlly for linking to a website: (not sure if you have to pay to be reviewed over 72 hours) (Go to list URL on the left hand coloumn) (Be careful, you fill out all your details and it requests a recipricol link at the end) (no link required) link required) (this one requires adding a button, but its a stylish subtle button and you can post to multiple sites such as twitter and facebook all at once) (I've submitted 2 sites to this one)

I just wanted to include these because when I came to searching for directories I came across alot of money grabbers and spam sites. I trawled through search engine results and gathered some which could help you get off to a good start and all are free. some require sign-up and I tried to exclude the ones which requested a 'recipricol link' because you don't want them intruding on the creativity of your content. I hope these have been informative and I know it has helped my site because when I type keywords such as my City name 'Newport' and the words 'Art' and 'Fashion', I appear on Googles first page, first, second and third spots but I still have work to do to include more keywords.


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