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Substitutes for world's most popular web services

Updated on March 22, 2017

The invention of the computer was the most revolutionary step the man has ever made. Another invention that changed the entire world tremendously was the world wide web (www) or "the web" in short or what we call the internet.

Nowadays, we cannot even think of a world without the internet. People all over the world use the internet in their daily life for doing many things. Email, chatting, surfing, uploading photos and videos of precious moments, online shopping, reading newspapers, socializing with people around the world using social network, searching for anything, booking utility services.....The list is endless. So is the scope of Internet.

Here I attempt to give you some alternatives or substitutes for some web services. I have listed here the most five popular web services.

  1. Facebook (for social network)
  2. Flickr (for storage of photos)
  3. Gmail (for email purpose)
  4. Google (for search) and
  5. YouTube (for watching & uploading videos)

Now let's examine the features of the alternatives for the above popular web services. People love change. Having a change is interesting and fun too. If you don't mind, give it a try on the following web services. These are free and user-friendly too.



Substitute: Google+ (


Hangouts: It is a real-time group video chat platform and the stunning feature of Google+. You can quickly set up a Hangout with up to 10 friends.. You can also broadcast a live event with 'Live Hangout Stream'. Also, it lets you discover people beyond your friendship list. Further, it helps you find the latest happenings in the news.


Substitute: 500px



  • It has got a fabulous design
  • Helps you discover new photographers through daily selections.
  • 'Flow": Automatically arranges images by their aesthetic value
  • Provides a platform for discussion on each photograph.
  • Highly professionals are members of this community and it is so active
  • Help to learn the art of photography seriously.


Substitute: Outlook



  • Unlimited storage
  • Undelete facility
  • Social networking makes easy
  • You can chat with Facebook friends with the built in messenger app.


Substitute: DuckDuckGo



  • Gives you quick summary by collating information from different sources
  • Privacy: not collecting your data
  • Do not pass your private data to the sites you clicked.
  • !bang:: to let you search within your indexed site. (for example, if you want to search 'HubPages' on Facebook, just type "!Facebook HubPages" in the search box.


Substitute: Vimeo



  • Quality videos
  • Good speed
  • No pornography
  • No Commercial/gambling videos
  • Unlimited run time (no restriction on video time)
  • Easy download. Simple process.
  • No need of third party downloader as in the case of YouTube.

Change is interesting as well challenging. Just give a try to experience the enjoyment as well the excitement on the benefits of the versatile features of these substitutes for the world's most five popular web services. I hope you won't be disappointed.

© 2012 Sunil Kumar Kunnoth


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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile imageAUTHOR

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 

      4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      I do agree with your observation. Thank you for stopping by and leaving some fine comments. Keep on watching.

    • mattseslar profile image

      Matic Seslar 

      4 years ago

      I knew all of the sites but the DuckDuckGo, but I will definitely start using it more often. I do however feel that google+ came a little late in the game to be as popular as facebook and not so many people use it, so I wouldn't recommend it as a good alternative although it has some powerful features like hangouts as you mentioned.


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