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Successful Web Creation Tips for Non-Designers

Updated on October 4, 2017

Contemporary web design is not the same it used to be several years ago. With lots of new trends and easy-to-use web development tools, it has become understandable even to those users, who don’t have any web design experience or skills at all. So, if you are right about to create your own website and wish it to be functional and visually appealing, this should not be a serious problem for you. The following web creation tips may help non-designers launch a decent personal or business website from scratch.

1. Analyze the Competitors

To be able to design a website of your own, you have to know what exactly the contemporary market has to offer you. Look at the websites created by your niche competitors to select those features you’d like to see in your own website. As far as the number of websites is tremendous these days, there is no sense to browse through all of them. This will be just the waste of your time and effort. Instead, select those websites that belong to the niche you specialize in. Analyze them to see the major characteristics and distinctions, pay attention to the design elements, navigation, content and other details, define the target audience. If this is an online store, take your time to test it in order to check how convenient it is. Such nuances matter a lot and you have to know as much as possible about them.

2. Choose the Best CMS

Prior to choosing the most suitable CMS, you have to define what type of a website you need - a blog, a forum, an online store, a web application, a social network etc. A website may be either simple or multi-functional. It can include any number of components. Whatever your website type is, it still makes sense to define the entire set of the required features at once, because addition of separate components may prove to be a problem both for you and your website visitors. By having the list of website requirements, it’s much simpler to choose the most suitable CMS, which comes up to your web design needs. Today, you can choose between free platforms like WordPress or Joomla, for example, and commercial services.

3. Use the Tools You Know

If you have ever tried creating websites, then you might have your favorite web building tools - those, the functionality of which is known and understandable to you. If so, then it will be much simpler for you to work with them when creating a website of your own. If not, then make an online research to find simple and easy-to-use tools. Test them prior to proceeding to the web development process. Remember that it’s possible to create a decent website with a minimum set of web building tools nowadays. The major problem is the choice of those features and services, the amount of which will be enough to complete your task.

4. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Free Templates

If you feel that you won’t cope with the web creation process on your own and coding is not your strong point as well, then you should definitely consider using readymade templates. Many of them are available for free today and there are many credible web services offering them to simplify the web creation process. The majority of these templates are of high quality and come up to the latest web design trends and standards.

When using the templates, try your best effort to customize them to your liking and make them unique. Analyze the available content and replace it with that of your own. Select the required design elements and choose the style that corresponds to the niche you specialize in. Don’t try to copy the websites of your competitors, no matter how quality, functional and appealing they are. Instead, develop your individual style and content presentation so that the target audience could feel the difference.

Bottom Line

Whatever you web design experience is, you can always create a website that will reflect your individuality and come up to your niche requirements. Just take your time to learn the basics of web creation to develop a decent website of your own.


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    • ChadCrouch profile image

      Chad Crouch 6 months ago from South Africa

      Excellent article! Really informative.