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How to be a Sucessful Domainer

Updated on August 1, 2015

You are probably thinking about what that is? But I can assure you after reading this article you will have an immense knowledge about the internet world and you won’t need any other article or pdf (paid) to know about it. Some people use it as a part time job and some are making living out of it. Before proceeding further, let’s create your interest in Domain Selling business. Recently a domain name was expired “” wondering what’s so special about this domain name. This expired domain name reached “Pending Delete” status when SnapNames get the hold of it and then it was sold for a final price of $430,000. I don’t know about you but for me that is a hell lot of money. Now I am going to start the lesson, please do leave a comment or query.

Who is a Domainer?

A domain-er is someone who holds a domain with the intention of selling it at a later date. He can either sell it directly (just domain) or can sell the whole website or blog associated with the domain name. A domain is basically a unique identity or address of a webpage for example,, or The first part before the “dot” is called the domain name and latter part is your domain extension. There are many domain extensions present now but you should be careful in choosing it because in domain selling that what the most important thing is. I would suggest you to look only for .com, .net, .org domain names. Only a savvy domain-er can make hundreds of pounds if he has the right domain name with right extension. It a game of patience and choice, by right choice you can be a millionaire or you can be stuck with unused domain names costing you money and time. Now proceeding with the next chapter: choosing your domain name.

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How Many Domain we Need?

You can be rich by just one domain name as I told you in the starting about the expired domain name. But for that you really need to be damn lucky to get an expired domain name that can be sold for a 6 figure $ xxx,xxx or more. So if you want to be successful you really need both the number and quality while choosing the domain name. You can use google trends, google keyword search and make a list about the current popular searches and trends and buy the domain name according to it. Remember, while choosing the domain name it should be short, simple and easy to remember. It should not contain any misspelling for example you want to register a domain name for a car company and you register a domain name like Well that’s wrong and don’t force yourself thinking that you can sell this domain name for a 6 figure or more because you have a premium domain name I am not saying you can’t sell it but for that you have to approach the companies or reseller and show them the potential your domain has in near future. But you can’t expect a big reward. The more relevant the keyword the more money it will fetch.

The last thing in this chapter is, never buy a domain name which can provoke a copyright act. If you buy or register a domain name which is under a copyright act, the related company can start legal procedure against you. For example you want to register, etc.

Now you know about the domain industry and how it works. For those who are new and don’t know where to register domain names, just Google it. There are hundreds of companies providing domain name registry for example,,, uniregistry etc. if you want a particular domain name which is already registered then read this article further.

Moving on,

What is parking?

Once you have a domain name, you can’t leave it blank or like an address. It advisable to create a selling page for your domain name but for that you need to purchase the hosting. Suppose you have a domain name (like it) and when you type that domain name in your web browser, the web browser will open a blank page with anything on it. So anyone going to your domain name will understand nothing. Instead of doing this you can create a page on your domain name that shows that this domain name is for sale for $1000 and if interested you can contact me at my email address. You can show your contact information on that page if you wish.

Another method of doing that is parking your domain name with companies like,, and etc. They attached a selling page with your domain name and even show ads on your domain name. So till your domain name is not sold, every click you received on ads on your domain name the company will share its profit with you according to their terms and conditions.

So while parking your domain name with them you will earn a bit of money till your domain name is not sold. There are different companies who allows you to park your domain names, like I said before, google it.

Moving on,

What’s Whois Information?

Whois provides you the information about a particular domain name. For example if you want to buy a short domain like and it’s already registered and no longer available but you think that you can negotiate with buyer about the domain name. You can check the domain information like registry period, expiry date, contact information and etc. about the domain name on website. From there you can directly make an offer to the seller about your interest in the domain name.

Whois Privacy, is currently a way to hid the contact information of the seller. If the domain name is activated with Whois privacy service then you won’t be able to see the contact information of the seller. But you can still see the registry date, expiry date and registrar of the domain name. Guess what, you can wait for the domain name to expire to get hold of it, if the seller let it expire.

Why It Is Important To Pick A Good Domain Name?

Let’s forget about that you are a domainer and suppose you own a business. You want to create your online identity. The domain name you will choose will represent you in the internet world. So what name will you choose? A long one, difficult to remember, misspelled or a short one, with catchy phrases and easy to remember. I am sure you will choose the latter one. That’s what is important for a domainer. Remember to choose a domain name which can be spelled correctly. You can distribute the domain name in 3 basic categories.

  1. Your Business Name: - you can create your identity with your business name for example you own a shop that provides computer hardware and other stuff and you want to create a domain name for that. You can either choose or just Both the domain names are good but you should keep in mind that the domain name you created should be SEO optimized because only a good SEO (search engine optimization) optimized will have a better chance of ranking in search engines. Thus better chance of selling.
  2. Using Abbreviation: - you can register a domain name using abbreviation for example you own a company called “under line network vision” private ltd. You can register your domain name like, a 4 letter short domain name (currently popular). But you can’t register a 4 letter domain name now because all the 4 letter domain name including hyphens, numbers are already registered in 2013. So you can only buy them back if you are interested in any of them. There are two types of Abbreviation, one is pronounceable and other is unpronounceable for example Vine, kudo and sedo. Pronounceable things are always sold better than the others.
  3. Catchy Phrases: - if you have a catchy name in your mind which is short and easy then definitely you have a jackpot for example,, and etc.

You can use Google keyword tool and google trends to check what’s trending in the internet market and choose your domain name according to it. Remember you domain should follow SEO.

Do’s And Don’ts When Picking out a Domain Name

  1. Choose a domain name with short characters. A lengthy domain name is hard to optimize and probability of selling it for a big reward is less.
  2. A catchy domain name always gets attention of others. A catchy domain with short character is like a gold mine.
  3. Avoid domain names that are hard to explain and spell for example “”.
  4. You can choose small abbreviation but don’t go long more than 5 characters.
  5. Hyphens are great when choosing a small domain name. As google treat hyphens as a word separator.
  6. Try to look for a keyword domain as they are easy to rank in google and require less SEO.
  7. You can go for other TLD’s like .net, .org,. Biz, .info and etc. but in comparison to .com, they are a bit hard to sell. But if you have a nice domain name with other tlds other than .com, they are pretty much sold for a higher reward.
  8. Avoid using country code domain extension like .in, .uk and etc. if you are targeting the particular country then you have a green signal.
  9. You can register a domain name keeping in mind about the niche markets like hobbies, sports, love and etc.
  10. You can register a domain name keeping in mind about the future events that may get a boom in near future.

Do you buy Domain Names from Auctions?

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Domain Name Already Registered Where to Buy?

It is possible that your desired domain name is already registered but if you still want it. You can either check it’s ‘whois’ information and if its contact information is given, you can directly negotiate with the seller. If nothing is there in the whois information, you can directly open the desired domain name and from there you can contact the seller.

If you are interested in buying a domain name and have no idea where to look for them. You can always go to godaddy auctions. They have small fees though to let you get inside of their auctions. You even look for domain name on,,,,, and etc. they have some of the best domain names in the market. You can even check on everyday closing auctions on

Hope you will like my next article How to be a Domainer-2.


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