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SugarCRM Zip Support Not Found Install Error

Updated on November 14, 2013

Take The SugarCRM Install All The Way To The Finish Line


Fixing Zip Error With Sugar CRM

WARNING: Use at your own risk. May cause issues with functionality in SugarCRM. I was not even going to print this, but quite a few were interested in the innards of the installer system check. This is really bad form.

I have noticed quite a few people running into an error with the php zip module as they attempt to install the latest SugarCRM release. The exact error during the installer's system check results in this output if it cannot locate the module:

ZIP support not found: SugarCRM needs ZIP support in order to process compressed files.

While the proper solution to this SugarCRM problem is to go ahead and install the zip module from either an ssh command line or the control panel of your hosting company, there are those who may not have access or just want a quick workaround. It should be noted that the system php config file /usr/local/php.ini (or similar location) and the local copy that can be placed in the root folder of the website can be edited to make this change as well. Often, it is just a matter of uncommenting the zip support line (removing the semicolon in front of the line). This workaround will help get things installed if one is having trouble with the other steps but it should be noticed that there will still be errors in the logs and some SugarCRM functionality such as module downloads and installs may not be operational until the proper fix is done.

The SugarCRM install.php installer file uses an accessory file in the install subfolder to run the system checks. The path and name of that file is: install/installSystemCheck.php. I did a quick find for Zip and found that there were two areas that needed commented out in the file that came with the version I was installing. I will list those below:


if(!class_exists('ZipArchive')) {

$zipStatus = "<b><span class=stop>{$mod_strings['ERR_CHECKSYS_ZIP']}</font></b>";

installLog("ERROR:: {$mod_strings['ERR_CHECKSYS_ZIP']}");


installLog("ZIP Support Found");



and then later in the same file:


// check zip file support

if (!class_exists("ZipArchive"))


$zipStatus = "<span class='stop'><b>{$mod_strings['ERR_CHECKSYS_ZIP']}</b></span>";

installLog("ERROR: Zip support not found.");

$error_found = true;

$error_txt .= '



<td align="right" class="error">'.$zipStatus.'</td>


} else {

installLog("/zip check passed");



Notice how I have enclosed those with the php block comment modifier. That is all that was needed to pass the system check and get the database and administrator user setup along with the default data.


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