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Superbrands (technology)

Updated on October 21, 2013

The best thing about products is that usually they satisfy our needs. As you society progresses the amount of products out there that are ready to satisfy even the most insignificant of our needs is still growing esponentially. But taking my first statement into consideration we should assume that today we should hardly have any need left to satisfy, yet the number of our needs seems to be growing at a faster pace compared to the number of products. We have so much and yet we feel miserable if we don’t have the last smarphone or if we don’t wear at least 4 different pair of shoes every week. Are we becoming crazy or maybe is the environment that surround us that is changing very rapidly? All this happens because the creativity of many people is putted into work, resulting in a endless range of new products every month designed to please us, allure us and overall improve the standard of life. We live in a society of superbrands.


This Brand was really big few years ago and I have to say the story of Nokia is really impressive. They are the example that you don’t need to suceed at the first attempt, in fact they started just by making boots and toilet paper and evolved and ended up making phones. They were a giant in the market but were hurted by their lack of innovation, a bit of a similar story if we think of Kodak. Kodak was making photographic films and were crushed by the beginning of the digital era. But another problem that affect the business of Nokia is the presence in the market of many “cheaper” versions that actually offer many more features than their phones. It’s a though situation, and it all started with the introduction of smartphones and the most crazy thing is that what people are looking for is not a new fancy way to make calls but indeed use their phones for everything else.


Apple is another superbrand, but they seem to be doing exactly the opposite of what other superbrands are doing, and that is actually their strenght, they are unique. They decided to focus on few products of sublime quality (and ridiculously overpriced). Even their marketing strategy has nothing to do with others, while other brands bombard customers with ads their marketing strategy is actually to keep things quiet and don’t reveal too much, creating a curtain of mist around their products and nobody knows how they will be like until the moment they are released. They create expectations and people seem to love that, so much that they are willing even to cue for days outside the apple stores, just to be the first ones to grab the new Iphone and show it off their friends. But apple doesn’t just make good and expensive products, they make their customers love them, they created a cult. This is something very powerfull because they are plenty of loyal customers that will always buy any new apple products as soon as are released. But how did they achieve this? Well to start they have a good story. Its founders started off in a garage and climbed the ladder until getting to the top floor of success. But most of all they had an unpopular “enemy” to vanquish, Microsoft.


Well this brand has something magical, yes I didn’t mis-type, I said MAGICAL!! Well otherwise how do you call it when the most un-cool and un-popular company is also one of the most influencial ones?How did they get to this point?Certainly not because of their ad campaigns

This is sad

It was all because of one of the best deals in history, the one Bill Gates got with IBM. Basically a giant company of the like of IBM that was producing computers bought a software from Bill Gates but leaving to him and his company the rights of it, thus basically when computers took off, Microsoft become one of the most important and influencial companies of the planet, not bad..But now they are trying to change things and become part of the cool guys:

Despite most people find their products mediocre or at least full of errors there are a few things they do that are actually cool...let’s take for example Xbox or kinetics!! Yes Microsoft is behind them!! Just that they are so unpopular that in order to get more sales had to write the Microsoft logo very small on the back of the Xbox packages for fear that Xbox would be associated to microsoft and lose some of its charm.


Facebook revolutionized the way we interact with people. They highlighted the importance of the word “connect” and networking in the era of facebook is never been so easy. But all this comes to a cost, our privacy. Most people don’t mind losing some of their privacy because they can gain in popularity, and in some way facebook gives them a voice. The romans use to say "verba volant, scripta manent" which means that vocal words are carried away by the wind but the written words stay where they are forever. With facebook not only are words are written but if what we say is meaninful to other people those words can trigger a cascade of share that will spread the word pretty fast. But it doesn’t only allow people to connect between themselves but it also offers a fantastic platform for advertisers and brands to connect to people. I am not sure we like the latter aspect but surely it will be very profitable for facebook

A documentary worth watching


I had to mention them as well, because they are truly everywhere so they had to be in my post as well!! They understood before anybody else the value of information and they made information accessible to everybody, in other words they seriously gave a push to the world that now is spinning faster than ever. Because of the search engine they created they know what people are looking for and with their google maps and android they can know real time where people are as well and what they do. In other words they really know us and they use what they know to tune and target the ads that are thrown on our faces, at least now we are exposed to ads that are more likely to interest us.

To conclude

I just wanted to conclude by saying that all the superbrands we have today suceeded because they had a vision. They introduced novelties that improved the quality of our life. But in the process of doing so they became very profitable, as it should be when you are the first one to do something. Their power comes in controlling the doorway to these novelties, in other words they all have some kind of monopoly. Is this aspect really that negative?What will be the next vision?

Which one among these is your favourite brand?

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