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Microsoft Surface RT Price In India

Updated on October 26, 2012
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Microsoft Surface for windows RT is released on 26th October 2012; But Surface Pro version is still yet to come. Microsoft declared that they will release the Pro version after three months from the day of Surface RT release. People are excited and I am too, Microsoft Surface worth $499 and there are additional charges if you want to buy it’s touch cover too.

Talking about the Surface price in India, Microsoft didn’t officially release its price in India yet, but you can pre-order it from EBay India. Of ‘course they will import the product from USA adding heavy duty charges to the Surface. So finally in Indian hands after importing from USA, the price of Surface will be around Rs. 38k to 50k (according to EBay India). Is it worth buying in 50k, not at all? So wait for some moments for Microsoft to officially release its price in India. Microsoft products consumption is high in India, so it’s obvious he will treat us good. It’s rumored that the price of Microsoft Surface for Windows RT will be below Rs. 25k (k= thousands). So wait a bit more to unleash the power of Microsoft Surface and Microsoft Windows 8.

Below is the Snapshot of Prices of Surface in Ebay India

Features Of Microsoft Surface for windows RT

  • It comes with 10.1 inch Display with kickstand.
  • Built in Keyboard feature and touch and type cover
  • Coming with 5 vibrant colors to suit your mood.
  • Quick and fast responsive touch screen.
  • Coming with Windows RT, quick, easy and user friendly Environment.


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