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Surfing Net Is More Easy

Updated on December 4, 2010

Internet on a click!

Hi Friends,

I would like to share with you the experience of Firefox browser. In market we have different browers to use for surfing internet / browsing. But, I would like to go with Firefox. I am using it's latest version Firefox 3, which is free to download from website. Definitely you will see some common options like, menu options, tabbing and process indicator, which normally every browser have. I would like to go with the Add-ons that Firefox provide.

To make your browsing more easy, you can do few things:-

1) Set every page to open in a new tab. This will help you not to have multiple browsing window on your screen rather, it will be in tabs within the Firefox browser. - This one is for the beginners, who don't know about this.

2) Firefox provides an easy 'bookmark toolbar' that makes easy to open your saved favorite pages on a click. You can create the bookmark folders (or directories) and add the pages in it. - Generally, this is very helpful for the people who use to with Internet and spend a lot of time in browsing there mail accounts and common web sites. You can add there mail account links in bookmark toolbar, so no need to type the URL or site name for every single one, like, google, yahoo, hotmail, etc...

3) Firefox provides different themes for setting the look and feel that you like. You can search for Add-ons on and set the themes of your choice. To be frank, I am not using any, as I believe it reduces the speed for my working style.

4) Now, for the music fans and all; You can download the downloadHelper (add-ons) or any other of your choice, which help you to download your favorite videos and music files.

5) It always important to know the weather report for safety purpose. You will find the add-ons for Weather report. It will add up in your status bar (at bottom of the browser). It will keep you update about the strange and changing weather day by day.

6) Foxclock (add-on) that allows you to pick the different time zone and show up on your browser status bar (in a very small area).

So many add-ons are available but, You have to decide what you want.

The most important about all these; it's still gives you the speed to surf on net. Ultimately, a smart, fast, secure and customizable browsing tool that you can use for easiness and quality of surfing the internet.

Note: - This article is just to inform the people about the easy ways to do surfing on internet.


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