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Surprise! Ant uses its own Internet

Updated on October 1, 2015

It was not expected to find a private algorithms used by scientists ants in his contacts, similar to the Internet that we humans use. Cooperation between computer scientists and biologists showed the enormous potential of the ants in the use of data transfer.

Scientists This phenomenon has been studied for more than twenty years, including Deborah Gordon of Stanfor University, found (2012) that the ants will broadcast frequencies in a specific range of frequencies containing information ants members can picked up and read easily and quickly, and called the scientists this system when the ants b anternet where Use the ants programs or algorithms to estimate the amount of food appropriate algorithms such as those used by computer programmers Transmission Control Protocol.

The control system transfer of information or TCP depends on sending information by someone on the net who shall the second person to receive information and to respond to that first received. Ant send information on the food available to others where the rest of the ants to move food and send data to the ant sent the message that he has been receiving food was moved or a section of it and so on ... continued ants for millions of years by using this complex system ..

Stunning in this study, it confirms that, despite the presence of more than 11,000 species of ants and everyone of them has limited possibilities if the work on its own, but when the ants teamwork performs complex and enormous work ... Look at the importance of cooperation and community ...


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