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Survey Site Reviews: e-Rewards

Updated on September 15, 2014

Survey sites are marketing websites where you can sign up to have online surveys for certain products or services sent to you. Normally, for each survey you complete, you get a certain number of points which you can then redeem for cash or prizes. Some survey sites give you cash instead of points. While taking online surveys is not the kind of thing that can provide a steady income (or even a decent second income), they can help you make a little extra spending money. The Survey Site Reviews series will evaluate some of these sites, and tell you which ones will be worth your valuable time and which ones are basically scams to get free marketing information from its users. This review is for e-Rewards.Com.

e-rewards is an invitation-only survey site based in Plano, Texas, and has been around since the late 1990s. You can get invited by doing business with one of e-reward's business partners. I was on this site years ago, and have forgotten how I was invited the first time, but the latest time I joined I was invited after having made a purchase from Ticketmaster. Some of e-rewards' other partners are, AeroMexico, AirTran, Southwest Airlines, La Quinta Hotels, Avios, Golfsmith, Hertz and Hilton, among others.

Once you're invited to join e-rewards via email, you go to the site and fill out the usual profile questionnaires where you indicate your gender, race, income level, preferences, etc. Once these steps are complete, you will receive e-mails with links to surveys you have been invited to take. The emails will also tell you the number of points you will receive for taking that survey. Points are expressed in dollar amounts, and e-rewards will often give you a small amount of "consolation points" if you start taking a survey and are "screened out" due to not being part of the demographic the survey is looking for. For example, a 20 minute survey may promise $7 in points if you complete it, but you get $0.50 if start taking it and are screened out. This may not seem like much (and it isn't), but at least getting screened out doesn't amount to a complete waste of time and effort, like it does on most other survey web sites.

Despite the point amounts being expressed in dollars, E-rewards does not award cash or gift cards, which is the site's main weak point. Instead, you cash in your points for rewards, such as airline frequent flyer miles, magazine subscriptions, music downloads, certificates, hotel frequent stay program points, merchant discounts, even micro loans you can make to people in developing countries. Reward levels start at $10 and go up to $130. For those not interested in racking up a few hundred flight/hotel points at a time or magazine subscriptions, the reward pickings are a little slim. E-rewards' main selling point to me is their honesty and reliability. Unlike other survey sites that award cash or gift cards, E-rewards has always awarded me points I have earned, and I have almost always received my rewards with no problem (although it can take a little while in the case of the magazine subscriptions). They don't seem fixated on looking for excuses to ban or rip-off their users (like GlobalTestMarket does) and the length of the surveys is usually pretty reasonable. You won't get surveys every day (sometimes a week will go by with no surveys), but you can count on getting at least 5-6 a month, depending on your profile. E-rewards is definitely not a way to make extra income or earn awesome prizes, but it does offer an easy way to earn some middle-of-the-road prizes, discounts and points. For me, it's a fun way to earn some free music downloads. I can usually get to the $25 level in less than a month.

Pros and Cons

The Good

  • Has been around for a while, reputable.
  • Surveys are relatively easy compared to other sites
  • Consolation points if screened out of a survey

The Bad

  • Site is invitation-only
  • Underwhelming rewards, no cash
  • Surveys could come more frequently


Final verdict: LEGIT. Not the most rewarding or exciting survey site out there, but reputable and honest.

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