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Swagbucks Review - Search and Earn Site

Updated on December 6, 2011

Swagbucks An Honest Review

Considering that I make about 90% of my income online, I thoroughly research each money making endeavor before taking the dive. Swagbucks was not something that I had planned on joining. When I first heard about it back in 2009, I was not impressed. Today, I decided to take a closer look at this popular search and win site.

While reading the reviews online, most people were really disappointed with their earnings. Many gave up, while others decided that it was a fun way to earn free stuff while surfing the net. Today I decided to check out Swagbucks for myself. Here's a quick list of things you should know before signing up.

  1. This is not a source of income.
  2. It takes time to earn swagbucks.
  3. You will have to use your swagbucks to redeem prizes.
  4. In order to earn swagbucks you will have to use the site manually.
  5. It may take several days, weeks, or even months to earn enough swagbucks to get FREE stuff depending on your involvement.

There's no fee to sign up but you do have the option to earn more swagbucks by signing up for free trail offers. I decided to avoid this portion of the site because I'm to busy to keep track of the offers after the trial date expires. Some people may do better at this then me, and can earn hundreds of swagbucks taking advantage of this program.

What To Expect Out Of Swagbucks

Remember this is not a job. It's a way of earning money while doing the things that you normally would do online. I really tested this theory out today. I added the swagbucks toolbar, and used their search engine to complete my research online. I also, took time out to enjoy several 5min SwagTV videos. I was so happy to see shows that I already watch on TV. Especially with the holidays coming up, I was able to watch a few cooking and decorating shows to help me this season. When you compare not making any money with making a little bit of money, Swagbucks makes sense. Esentially, you'll be paid for what you already do online. Some money is better then no money at all.

Swagbucks Is NOT A Scam!

Swag bucks is not a scam. Many people will rant about how they did not earn cash or prizes after working hard to gain enough points to do so. The site clearly states all of the ways to earn swagbucks. It also gives you clear instructions on how to cash them in. Swagbucks is not a job and you should not treat it as such. This is where many people get really turned off. In order to earn points you must work diligently at it. This does not mean dedicating numerous hours doing so. In the end, you'll earn just a few hundred swagbucks a day. The easiest way that I found to use the site during a busy day is to install the swagbucks phone app to search right from your smartphone.

Swagbucks Success Stories

You can use swagbucks in numerous ways to earn points and cash. There are some very diligent referrers that make a pretty good amount of swagbucks by asking their friends and family to join. This can be very lucrative if you're successful at building a list of people who may be interested in joining. You will earn points when they sign up and also earn points as they earn points over time

The most successful swagbucks members post videos and even blog about what they've earned. Undoubtedly the best way to earn referrals is to show off what you've gotten from swagbucks. The more exposure the better. People are actually receiving FREE stuff for using their search engine, taking surveys, playing games and more.

My Swagbucks Earnings, Day 1

Today I made over 300 swag bucks. The first few were earned without any effort. You get around 30 swagbucks just for signing up. Then you get a few more for connecting and liking swagbucks on facebook and twitter. Once you're able to navigate the site, you'll realize just how easy it is to earn swagbucks with little to no effort. Search and earn.... it's that simple. Check out the ways you can earn swagbucks below.

Ways You Can Earn Swagbucks

You can earn swagbucks by accessing the projects below. I will start with my most favorite ways to earn swagbucks.

  • Watching Videos
  • Using The Search Engine
  • Taking Surveys
  • Taking Polls
  • Signing Up For Trial Offers
  • Joining The Swagstakes ( just like a sweepstakes)
  • Playing Games
  • Using Swag Codes
  • Trading In Old Cellphones And Ipods
  • Referrals
  • Task

Your Swagbuck Story

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Swagbucks In A Nutshell

Plain and simple, sign up and then surf the net as you normally would. It's free and will not cost you anything. Use the search feature, watch videos, and tell your friends......that's it. I actually put more effort into sorting laundry.

So how do you get started on swagbucks? Signup through my referral link below and become my friend on swagbucks. We will be able to chat, send each other messages and share our swagbucks journey. It takes under 5 minutes to join. No credit card or personal information is needed to sign up. Follow me on the swagbucks site if you're already a member. I always have room for new friends. If you decide not to join you can always follow my daily earnings by clicking the link below.

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