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Symbaloo Is A Great Bookmark Organizer If You Like IPhone Buttons

Updated on March 17, 2013

For all of you iPhone lovers, do you love those icons on your desktop or front page? I love the convenience of these buttons because I am a visual person. I found a great website that gives you the same icons for your computer. The reason why I like Symbaloo is that I like knowing and remembering locations of a bookmark just like knowing that YouTube and its television set is on the front page of my iPhone. I like knowing where I need to go immediately to find a particular bookmark. I have had it a while now, but I wanted to test it for a long period of time before reviewing it. I can still say that I love Symbaloo and use it every day.

As you can see from the photo, the way you use Symbaloo is to set up your Symbaloo account to reflect websites you go frequently. There are already a lot of buttons created that will aid you in setting up your space. This is how I did it for easy use.

1. Set up Symbaloo as one of my bookmarks that I can see on the browser. I use Firefox, and I moved it so that this is one that shows up on my browse. Every time I click on Symbaloo, it creates a new tab and opens up Symbaloo.

2. After you create your account, then you can start adding specific icons/buttons or borrow one that someone else has already created such as the educator's page that is shown above.

3. Where do you want your icons or buttons? This is the fun part. You can place your icons anywhere you want. I group them by topics: writing sites, free photo download sites, financial sites, google sites, shopping sites, etc.

4. Creating new icons. Got to the search for a tile and search the name of your website. Websites such as Amazon should already be there so all you have to do is drag to your Symbaloo desktop. There are many different icons for Amazon such as Amazon French or Amazon Canada. I chose regular Amazon.

If a button has not been created to a website that you like, then there are no worries, either. You click on create a tile. From there, you add the link of the site; add the name of the site; tell Symbaloo whether you want the name to appear as black or white; and add a symbol if you wish or upload one yourself. Voila, a new tile is created that you can use. Set up your Symbaloo and you will find that yourself using it everyday.


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    • formosangirl profile image

      formosangirl 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hi Teaches12345. It is not difficult to set up. I don't even remember how I came across this. However, I cannot live without it. The only time I do not use it is when the URL is easy to remember. However, even all that typing is a waste of time. Hope you try it. Thanks for visiting.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I was wondering how best to do this.