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Symptoms of Computer Virus

Updated on February 7, 2017
Computer virus invades victims privacy
Computer virus invades victims privacy | Source

Having a clear understanding of symptoms of Computer virus will go a long way at fortifying and ameliorating the consequences of virus attack .The destructive effects can be very costly.Vital information or data which may not have backed up can be deleted. A computer virus is software program with a malicious intent by the writer. In most cases it is similar to a regular computer program.

The essence is to gain access to confidential information which can be deleted or used for ulterior motives without the knowledge of the owner. The reason why it is pertinent to have a succinct knowledge and take precautionary steps is because these viruses have the ability to replicate very fast without suspicion.More so, the unsuspecting computer user can be unscrupulously monitored for ulterior motive.

This is why it is necessary to have very strong and reliable anti-virus software installed in your PC. An expert consultation may become necessary if the need be as for proper diagnoses and constant updating of the anti virus software.

The first step is to be acquainted with how computer functions right from the day one of purchase. An in-depth study of the manual or even a one day course is worthwhile. With this familiarity any strange occurence will be detected early and necessary action taken.

Computer viruses have their peculiarity which can be similar to other causes such as a hardware fault. A proper diagnosis has to be carried out so that one is not mistaken and delete files and programs unnecessarily. However, it is not out of place to suspect the presence of a virus and subject a PC to such a diagnostic process which eventually may be caused by other factors such a hardware fault or an outdated software.

Hackers don't mean well
Hackers don't mean well | Source

Symptoms of Computer Virus

The following are symptoms of Computer Virus:

1. The computer takes longer time than usual to boot. In the process of booting sometimes switches off automatically.

2. The system displays strange and blizzard colours on the screen.

3. Strange files pop up on the screen of the computer demanding attention

3. Messages can be sent from your email account to other email addresses unrequested. Similarly, strange messages can also be received which in most cases are virus infected. Caution has to be taken when accessing messages from strange sources. If you most do so it should be properly scanned.

4. Computer occasionally freezes as a result of opening a file or in the process of booting. In most cases the entire system has to be short down before re-booting. In some serious cases the computer may not switch on until after a very long time.

5. When on the internet, browser becomes very slow and in some cases it switches to other sites automatically. Sites displayed can look very interesting, but it may be a trap in disguise as this may be a sponsored malware program into a PC.

6. When vital and confidential files and programs are no longer accessible. This could be as result of a computer virus attack.

7. It could result to hardware malfunctioning. A situation when for example a DVD or CD drive open and closes by itself. There could also the occurrence of strange hardware noises. It may sometimes look like the speaker has a fault.

8. A situation when anti-virus software failed completely. The primary target of most computer viruses in recent times is the ant-virus software. This suggests that proven anti-virus software should be employed or installed not just a trial version. Free antivirus in most cases does not have a comprehensive cover.

Some unfamiliar manifestations is continuously observed and reported by experts as malicious Virus designers kept switching modes of attack as they are detected and curbed.You have to keep updated and perhaps bookmark this site for constant update on latest developments.

How to Prevent Virus Attack on your device

The following are proven steps you can take to prevent virus from invading your computer and other similar gadgets:

1. Install a reliable anti- Virus software. Please note that free anti-virus software are limited in their capacity and scope. Anti-virus with online security is preferable.

2. Make sure that the Operating system is up to date and not counterfeited. If the operating system is a counterfeit it will create loopholes that malicious malware designers can explore for their advantage. Install operating system updates regularly.

3. Regularly run virus protection update as required by the anti-virus program.

4. Run a virus scan on external storage device before connecting to your device.

5. Don't download files from any suspicious site.


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