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Syncing Google Drive on Linux, via CloudHQ

Updated on September 11, 2015

As a student seeking to supplement my income, I've been doing a fair amount of freelancing. As a techie, I prefer to use open-source systems and software. I run Linux Ubuntu on my machines. One of my long-term clients has been operating exclusively on Google Drive, and requires that all my freelancing work goes through Google Drive. Which, one would think, shouldn't be a problem, given that Google has been a leader in cloud systems and data integration.

No such luck, however. Google has been apparently been "working on" a background sync for Google Drive on Linux since 2012, and seems to be in no hurry to ever complete the project. The terminal option in which you sync data every time you need it is too cluttered and cumbersome. In my freelancing work, I have a lot of sheets and documents to keep track of, so having to worry about syncing files manually each time I make a change, or each time someone else on my team made a change, just wasn't an option.

I've tried Grive, which has worked quite ok for a while until a recent upgrade in Ubuntu, at which point it failed to do any syncing without any clearly apparent reason. I've read several posts from people that it works on their systems, so it's still very much a viable solution for some, but for whatever reason on my system it doesn't work.

So I had to find a different solution. Granted, it's a less direct route, but it works like a charm and I don't have to spend hours troubleshooting permissions, package conflicts and other such fun things. The solution is... cloudHQ!



Dropbox has always worked well on my system, I've rarely had any trouble with it. The question was how to connect Dropbox, which syncs flawlessly, to Google Drive, so that I can work on my Linux machine in my Dropbox folder, and have that folder sync automatically with my client's Google Drive?

CloudHQ provides data synchronization and integration across cloud platforms. You can sign up for free, and get a 14-day trial without having to provide any payment info (I love this!). Once signed up, you can connect the cloudHQ account to the folders you want to sync, specify what type of sync you would like to have (one-way, two-way) and voila! Works like a charm.

Their pricing starts at $9.90/month. For a student who only has 1 client who likes to use Google Drive, this is a bit steep, so I wish they had student discount pricing available. However, unlike other services, they do offer 2 weeks of free service when you sign up, and additional 2 weeks of service when you tweet about them or post about them on Linked-In. That's pretty sweet. To make it even sweeter, they're offering 1 year of free service if you write a blog post about them and send them the link (see what I did there? :) )

Anyway, after 2 weeks of using their service, data syncing with cloudHQ has worked like a charm, and I am very happy with this solution.


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