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System Mechanic Review

Updated on October 24, 2017
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What is the registry?

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores settings for almost everything on a computer. It is a repository for a massive collection of details about your computer such as application settings, windows settings, user passwords, a listing of all your Start menu shortcuts and pretty much everything. When something occurs in Windows, its record gets stored in the registry.

Why clean your Registry?

The registry is large and can become disorganized and needs cleaning regularly. If not, it will slow down a critical operation of the operating signal. A computer with a cleaner registry is faster than one bloated with errors, redundancies, and disorganized information.

How do you clean your Registry?

You could clean the registry manually. However, I must warn that the registry is messy and filled with lots of useful information. Tampering with one useful registry entry is dangerous. It could cause your computer some serious problems. The operating system could crash or error messages start appearing on your computer screen.

You can also use a registry cleaner to keep your registry clean. A registry cleaner or optimizer is automated to perform registry maintenance regularly. It is important that the registry gets cleaned regularly to optimize the working of the operating system.

System Mechanic

System Mechanic is system tune-up utility software developed by Iolo technologies. Utility software is intended to help investigate, arrange, enhance or sustain a computer.

Computers gradually become slow. This is as a result of an accumulation of redundant files, inefficient software, fragmented disks and build-up electronic garbage. Tune-up utility software essentially will clear the garbage away, tune-up your computer and let it run faster.

System Mechanic comes with a suite of computer system utility tools. Each tool is designed to optimize and maintain your computer's performance. The system mechanic software employs a series of complex automated maintenance actions. This helps keep your computer stable and cleans up the clutter in your computer. It then goes into the operating system to adjust the hidden Internet, processor, memory and hard drive settings for optimum speed and performance.

System Mechanic has several features -

Computer Cleanup

1. Clean PC Clutter - Cleans out junk internet and Windows files. Thoroughly uninstalling unneeded programs and repair registry errors protect privacy, improve speed and frees up disk space.

2. Advanced Uninstaller. Removes installed programs. These increases drive capacity and optimize performance.

Performance speedup

1. Net Booster. This feature optimizes internet settings by tuning hidden TCP/IP and DNS settings for the fastest possible broadband experience.

2. Disk defragmenter. This feature defragments files, hence improves disk read/ write speeds allowing faster access to files.

3. Program accelerator. This feature re-aligns program files hence optimizing computer performance.

4. Memory mechanic. This feature maximizes memory space by freeing RAM.

5. Start-up optimizer. This tool optimizes windows startup. This feature eliminates unwanted or malicious startup files. This allows the computer to boot faster.

System Protection

1. Privacy Shield. This tool turns off windows personal data collecting services on your computer.

2. Security optimizer. This feature finds and repairs security flaws that would make the computer vulnerable.

3. Incinerator. This tool permanently deletes selected files and folders.

System Recovery

1. System troubleshoot -Troubleshoots the system when it is unstable and recovers it.

2. System Restore. This feature undoes recent changes to your computer and restores windows.

Computer Maintenance

1. Real-time performance boosting. This tool has a set of automated features that optimize the speed and availability of the CPU, RAM and storage drives.

There are different versions of System Mechanic Software

System Mechanic is a complete suite of tools designed to optimize, clean, repair, protect, secure, and maintain your computer. Price for this is $49.95.

System Mechanic Free provides a basic level of maintenance for free but does not include many of the advanced features.

System Mechanic PC TotalCare provides the standard System Mechanic tools, it also has the following tools:

System Shield 4

System Shield keeps you safe by using advanced real-time technology. It provides continuous maximum protection and automatically blocks viruses and malware before they can enter your computer.

System Mechanic Professional provides the standard System Mechanic tools, plus the following tools:

System Shield 4

System Shield keeps you safe by providing continuous maximum protection and automatically blocks viruses and malware.

Search and Recover

Search and Recover recovers your documents, pictures, videos, and music, right from your hard drive, digital camera, MP3 player, Zip disk, USB flash drive, or any other digital device. This tool sells at $39.95.


DriveScrubber safeguards your PC with military-strength defense against attempts at recovering your confidential information. This sells at $29.95.

The System Mechanic pro goes for a price of $69.95.

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