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Top 100 Uses Of Gmail

Updated on May 4, 2017

Uses of Gmail

Gmail is not only a email service, but it is free a google account offering number of unique and exciting tools and applications. The most important google applications that are associated with a Gmail account are Gmail mailbox, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites, Picasa, Blogger and Maps. They can be used for personal, official, and educational needs. It also be used as channels of recreation, creative expression and even for social service. For those who want to earn money can also make use of it using its Google Ad sense and other revenue sharing programmes of Google. The amount of free storage is increasing which make it the winner among the free email service providers. The number of innovative and amazing applications also increasing in its fold.

There are specialised google accounts also like Google account, Google Apps account, and Google Apps for Business.

The Gmail and other free google tools have become necessary and unavoidable in the life of every one of us. The google tools are very useful in every field of human activity. The TOP 100 USES OF GMAIL lists most important google applications available to a free Gmail account holder.

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  1. E- mailing

  2. To send / receive documents/ reports

  3. To send / receive photos / pictures

  4. To send / receive audio / mp3

  5. To send / receive videos

  6. To use as a personal ID

  7. To save drafts / documents / images / pictures etc.

  8. To store data online

  9. As a log in ID in a number websites

  10. As a free file format converter

  11. As an Audio / MP3 Player


12. To watch videos / films

13. To share videos / films

14. To download videos / films

15. To publish own videos /films

16. To get response / feed back about uploaded videos / films

17. To get income from uploading original videos / films

18. To participate in social service by uploading informative / educational / empowering videos / films

Blogger /

19. To create own websites

20. For online marketing / e - commerce

21. To make money from advertisements

22. To publish literary articles

23. To publish free / paid content for students and public

24. To use free time creatively

25. To share Text / image / video with friends

26. As a personal window to the world.

27. For social service by giving advice / help tips etc

Google Earth

28. To view areas subjected to widespread disasters / calamities

29. To get directions of street names, cities, and establishments.

30.To get information about particular location

Blog Search

31. To search blogs of different subjects

Google Maps

32. As guide for tourists and travellers

33. As an educational tool

34. To understand directions

35. For planning for development of a particular area

36. To locate places

37. For planning domestic and international trips

38. To get a print / copy of maps

39. To create own maps


40. To keep photos online

41. To edit photos

42. To share photos

G Talk

43. For voice chat

44. For video chat

Google Drive

45. To create online documents / spread sheet /presentations

46.To share online documents / spread sheet /presentations

47. To get 5 GB cloud storage free.

48. To create, share and edit files on line from any device.

49.To view more than 30 types of files without installing any soft wares.

50. Sync files between all of account holder's devices

Google books

51. To download books in PDF / plain text / EPUB

52. To take print of a large number of books free

53. To create personal library of books and magazines

54. To share personal library with others

55. For the advanced book search and other editions or related books

Google Play

56. To watch movies on any Android device or on the Web.

57. To stream or download movies

58. To shop the largest collection of tracks and share music you buy with your friends

59. To store up to 20,000 songs from your own library for free

60. To shop ebooks

61. To shop android applications and games

Google Translate

62. To learn languages.

63.To conduct comparative study of languages.

64. To view web pages in different languages

65. To Translate documents in different languages

66. To share a document in different languages

Google scholar

67. To search scholarly articles

Google Alerts

68. To know and monitor a important developing news

69. For updated events in industry and commerce

70. For updated news about a celebrity or event

71. To get updated news on sports and other related events

Google Images

72. To view images on web

73.To search images for personal and commercial use

Google Calender

76. To schedule programmes

77. To organise activities

78. To share schedule of programmes and activities

Google Chrome

79. To web search articles, documents, reviews, information, news,images, videos etc

80. For fast, free web browsing with lightening speed.

Google Trends

81. To know the search trends in Google browser

82. To plan and utilise SEO

Google Adwords

83. For SEO

84. For monetising blogs and web sites using key words

Google AdSense

85. To earn money by a number of programmes with the help of Adsense.

86. To share income with Google from different activities.

Google Analytics

87. To analyse the traffic of blogs and websites

88. To restructure blogs and web sites for more benefit

Google Hangout

89. To contact with old friends, alumni and relatives

90.For education; Subject book reviews, the best buyer guide, Projects, and seminars

91. promoting hobbies

92. competitive exam preparation

92. Get a Genuine Product Review

93. Promote Your Blogs, and websites


94. To upload and share photos from locations all around the world with the location of it on a Google map

95.To search for photos of a particular area

96. For easy geographical search functions.

Google products on Mobile


97. As a guide for tourists and travellers

98. As an educational tool


99. To send SMS free

Google Search

100. To web search articles, documents, reviews, information, news,images, videos etc


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