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TV Pedestal - An Outstanding Flat Screen TV Stand!

Updated on January 13, 2013

Contemporary TV Pedestal Design

Do you want your TV to stand out in a room? If so, the TV pedestal stand can do this in more ways than one!

If you wanted an alternative to traditional TV stands and furniture for your new slim digital screen television, the way to go was a TV wall mount, hanging the TV on the wall like a large painting or photo. This has become one of the most popular alternative ways of displaying flat panel TV screens, but it does have the disadvantage of having to have a suitable facing wall for your furniture layout.

One type of stand that overcomes the above problem is the TV pedestal, it is a freestanding device that gives you greatest choice in location, it can be height adjust able and have a swivel mount to easily adjust the viewing angle.

An example of a fixed TV pedestal below also has shelving for additional audio-visual equipment such as DVD recorders, satellite boxes etc.

Gecko TV Pedestal
Gecko TV Pedestal
TV Pedestal by Peerless
TV Pedestal by Peerless

Contemporary TV pedestals can turn your flat screen television into a design feature in the room even when it's turned off with sleek metal designs with a range of finishes from matte blacks to polished chrome, with or without shelving in metal and glass. To maintain the sleek designer look expect to find models with concealed cable management. An example of minimalist TV pedestal design is shown right

The Ultimate TV Pedestal ?

For those out there, me included, that like gadgets, how about a remote controlled TV pedestal! Yes, sit on your sofa and you are able to adjust the screen, rotate it for a better viewing angle or even have your television slowly rise up from its hiding place if you really want to impress visitors with your gadgetry!

Choosing a TV Pedestal for Your Home

Not everyone wants a remote controlled TV stand or the extra cost, for those that do they are available, but you don't need to pay the earth for a stylish TV Pedestal.

Flat Panel TV Stand by Sanus
Flat Panel TV Stand by Sanus

I hope this information about TV pedestals and TV stands for the home, retail outlet or office has given you a better idea of what is available.

See a range of TV Pedestals <Here

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