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Updated on March 13, 2011

For years I used just one monitor on my desktop rig and never thought of changing anything once I got a 19 inch LCD. I didn't want a bigger one and that was that until one of my kids introduced me to his double monitors he needed to create high end animations.

I had no idea how handy two monitors could be. If you look at picture #1, my main monitor is the one on the left and the right monitor shows the same “desktop screen” until I want to have two separate screens showing at the same time.

Picture #2 shows a chess game I set up on monitor one and just dragged it over to the monitor on the right. Now I can play chess and do whatever I wish on the main monitor at the same time.

Picture #3 shows how a screen can be easily dragged back and forth from one monitor to the other. It's like having two separate computers working at the same time. If your copying something from one screen to the other, checking for duplicate pictures, comparing anything to anything, or even laying out all the drop down tools from say, Adobe Photoshop on your second monitor. Everything is right up in front of you without having to switch back and forth with a single monitor. Wow! I love it.

Most modern video cards have two monitor inputs so the hookup is a piece of cake. You will have to configure your second monitor which varies slightly depending on the operating system your using (XP, Vista, 7). It's a minor adjustment in your control panel's display section that allows for the second monitor. XP simply requires a “monitor extend” box checked as I recall. I'm using 7 right at the moment.

It's not necessary, but if you can, try to set up matching monitors like two 19” with the same model number unlike my rig. Not only will it look better but you want the color, contrast and picture quality as close as possible between the two. Good grief! What's it going to be like 25 years from now?


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