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Tablet PC's are here to stay

Updated on June 22, 2012


Technology and computers become more advanced every year. Once the hottest new thing comes out there is only about 7 or 8 months time before it is technically obsolete. An exciting new frontier in personal computers is the introduction of the tablet PC. Continuing hype about the new Apple iPad as well as a wide array of newcomers to the market has made new tablet technology affordable and practical for everyday consumers.

The most widely recognized and sought after tablet on the market is obviously the iPad for consumers. Consumers have raved about it in tabletpc reviews and its thin, sleek and innovative design make it one of the most revolutionary products to hit the market from the celebrated computer and now cell phone manufacturer. For those not in the know, the iPad’s pc tablet target market are those who use e-readers and similar devices for light web surfing and running third party apps. The iPad works well for this with its 9.7 inch color display, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution and touch screen capabilities. Its basically an ultra thin laptop with only a third of the mass and no physical keyboard.

Drawbacks are that this device is not sufficient for those looking to replace a laptop computer. The iPad has no USB, COM or memory ports in addition to no disc drives. On top of it Apple still will not support flash player movies and if you will pay about as much money for the iPad as you would for a very decent laptop computer. Third party applications are limited to the Apple App Store and there is no physical keyboard which can be annoying if you do heavy typing.

Toshiba is a company that has been making quality electronics and computers for decades. Their contribution to the tablet market comes in the form of the entourage eDGe which is also targeted at the e-reader market. The device has been out for some time but has only recently received attention in reviews of tablet PCs. This device is a bit different than what consumers have seen from manufacturers in that it has two screens, one a 10.1 inch color screen with touch capabilities and a second ink display. It runs on the Google android operating system as opposed to the proprietary apple OS on the iPad. Toshiba calls it the dual book and it is not widely available to average consumer however they can still purchase. No price is specified without contacting Toshiba however with the competitive prices offered by other companies like Amazon’s Kindle and the iPad, cost should be reasonably the same.

Final words

Tablets used to be the props you saw on Star Trek and the capability of computer manufacturers to make a device packed with so much so small was not something foreseeable until now. Technological advancements in cell phone technology and computers in general have made the once futuristic now reality.


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