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Tablet VS Smartphones (Mobiles)

Updated on December 13, 2012

Tablet VS mobiles or smartphones

Tablet is a portable hand held device that can be used as a computer. Physically it is like a thin slate with a touch screen interface. It houses all the components of a pc such as CPU and memories. You can charge it and carry it anywhere you want. It is very light weight and made for portable usages on the go. The latest operating systems that are used on tablets are android, windows, appple IOS, blackberry's OS. Android is the most popular among all. Capacitive touch screen interface with android OS gives very pleasant experience. Tablets are mainly used for internet surfing and e book reading. The 7 to 10 inch screen provided is useful for these purposes.

On the other hand smartphones are much smaller than a tablet. They are cheaper as well. The primary function of smartphone is to provide calling functionality. Other facilities like internet surfing, reading ebooks and taking photos from the camera can be done.

Tablet is very close to laptops while smartphones are close to mobile phones. It depends on your need what you want to buy a phone or a laptop based on this decision you can buy one. Both have their own features.


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