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Tablet vs. laptop computer: Which is right for you?

Updated on November 23, 2015
Best convertible laptops offers mix of  features in conventional laptops and tablets. However, always heavier than conventional tablets.
Best convertible laptops offers mix of features in conventional laptops and tablets. However, always heavier than conventional tablets.

Tablet vs. laptop: Which is right for you?

Many of us think that laptops and tablets have same features, but in real utilization, it is different. Many tablets come with fully loaded features to match laptops. Good example is iPads and Surface Pro tablets. However, laptop is a mobile device designed to use for longer durations to execute programs, create media and documents using keyboards and with precision mouse. For example, they are great for creating videos, slide shows or writing Word documents.

In contrast, a tablets have strong mobility due to its small size compared to laptops. However, they are designed to provide mostly the consuming information such as playing videos, games, slide shows, browsing internet, email or reading contents. Tablets are more suited to maintain the connectivity while travelling and reach information, and entertainment. Before you decide, which is best suited for your lifestyle, following are some important points to consider:

Laptops provides more space and power tp execute complex and heavy applications and utility software.
Laptops provides more space and power tp execute complex and heavy applications and utility software.

Advantages of Laptops over Tablets

If you need to create contents, you need to have comfortable keyboard and mouse. Laptops have this feature where users can easily enter data using keyboards and mouse efficiently and effectively, However, you will find difficult to do the same function using tablets. Sometimes, it may require accessory keyboards and mouse which is going to be an additional weight in your travelling bag. Since, tablets are small in nature, users find very difficult to perform keyboard entries for long durations. Also, you cannot use tablets for long duration reading unless it has a comfortable screen size for easy reading. Reading small letters in the tablet screens for long durations is a highly stressful for your eyes and not recommended.

Another important factor is the features of software you need to use. If you need to work with full version of Office Suite, then it is required to have a laptop where you have good computing speed and memory to execute complex programs. Editing videos, creating slideshows and other content creation need considerable memory space, where tablets are not capable of delivering. Laptops have the facility to create media, burn discs and store without compromising its performance.

If you need a comfortable screen size for reading, it is the laptop that gives you that facility. Laptop browsers provide full features while tablet browsers have limited features mostly to support touch screen navigation.

In addition, laptops have to facility to connect to internet using cable connection other than the Wi-Fi and other mobile internet connections. Also, it has the facility to connect to printers, scanners and other accessories using a cables. Most of printers and scanners need their own software to have better printing and scanning quality, and laptops are capable of handling such software easily.

Many fully featured software packages, such as Office Suite, Internet browsers such as Firefox, desktop mail clients such as Postbox or Outlook, photo editing software, video editing and creation software, music and video players, and software that need considerable memory and processing speed to execute are mostly suitable for laptops.

Most laptops come with touch screens improving the mobility and many laptops comes with two in one feature, where laptop could be converted to a tablet mode.

In the negative side, laptops have comparatively short battery life, approximately 5 to 6 hours, and large in size compared to tablets. It is less flexible to use during the travelling due to its size and weight.

Before selecting a laptop,, it is important to understand your computing requirements, such as;

  • What programs you need to execute?
  • When it is mostly used?
  • Where it is mostly used?
  • What storage capacity you need to have?
  • What computing speed you need to have?
  • What type of connectivity you need to have?
  • What features such as CD/DVD burners ect, you need to have?
  • What is the conformable screen size for your operations?
  • What is the weight range?
  • What is your budget?

Once you have a rough idea of about requirements, you can brows the internet, visit Amazon, Best buy or any other laptop review websites and select best suitable laptop for your use. It is important to note that computer technology is a rapidly changing industry. Most of the latest computers get outdated after average of two years as there will be new technology with better performance for money spend.

Tips on Using Laptop Computers

Tablets are designed and configured mostly to provided information  while offering limited computing power to execute  utility softwares.
Tablets are designed and configured mostly to provided information while offering limited computing power to execute utility softwares.

Advantages of Tablets Over Laptops

The main advantage of tablet computer over laptops is its mobility, light weight and easy to handle features. It has a very good battery life and typically offer over 24 hours battery life before recharge.

Typically, tablets are very popular device for use during the travel. It is designed to provide better connectivity, entertainments and allow access to information you need during travelling or when away from your home or office.

Tablets are quick response devices and it has Instant on feature. You do not need to wait for longer startup times as tablets turns on in a second and allows you to find information very fast. However, you need to get used to touch screens of tablets to have effective and efficient use. However, touch screens offer limited flexibility in browsing and doing other functions on the screens. Also, it required to be skillful in using touch screens to perform certain actions such as copying and pasting.

Specific programs are designed to operate on tablets, and it is important to ensure that you are using software or programs that are supporting the tablets.

It is a handy device to access information very fast, read emails, read news, watch videos and perform basic functions.

Can the latest Tablet PC draw as a Wacom Pen Display

Convertible laptops offers more computing  flexibility and power.
Convertible laptops offers more computing flexibility and power.

Uniqueness of Convertible Laptops

Considering limitations in both laptops and tablet computers, there is a new entry in the market called New 2-in-1 convertible laptops. Convertible laptops offer the features and capabilities of a laptop and tablet in one device. The screen of the laptop could detach, flip, click, spin or slide depending on the design. Based on the position and type of work that you are doing with the device; the convertible laptop could be used as a laptop or tablet.

When the convertible is operating on tablet mode, all features of a typical tablet is available to you to enjoy. Once is it converted to the laptop mode, you can work and operate fully featured programs and work as a normal laptop computer.

However, the size and weight of the convertible sometimes limit the mobility of the device and flexibility of typical tablet mode. Most of the convertibles in the market are in 13-inch screen size which offers is somewhat compromised size and weight flexibility.

Also, detaching, or flipping mechanism of convertibles might give problems with increased frequency of use.

Buying guide for Laptops and tablets

  • The Latest Processors - Select laptops with latest processors. Higher the processor speed, better the performance.
  • Storage capacity - Select the suitable storage capacity having latest technology.
  • High-Definition Screens - with high resolutions which gives high picture quality.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Comfortable Keyboard and Responsive Trackpad - Check before purchase.
  • Operating Systems - What is your preferred operating system.
  • Screen size - what is the comfortable screen size for you?
  • Display types - There are different display technologies. Select the latest.
  • Memory - Higher memory provides high performance computing experience.
  • Touch Screen - Always available on tablets and convertibles.
  • Number of ports and connectivity - For data transfer and internet connectivity.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Availability of DVD burner - Optional depending on your requirements. CD/DVD burners are not incorporated on tablets and most of the slim convertible laptops.
  • After sale support and warranty.

Tablet Computer vs Convertible

What is your best computing option?

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