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Tablets under 200 dollars (The best ones)

Updated on May 29, 2013

The tablets are one of the trends of consumption with more relevance in the market and this will continue in the upcoming years. Some market studies are saying that this segment of the mobile devices is the big reason for the decreasing sales of personal computers.

A tablet is certainly a luxury for many people but the manufacturers try to portray the post-PC era has arrived and these devices represent a way forward in the new models of productivity.

With the market growth there have been changes, both at strategic companies as at consumer level. Tablets prices dropped significantly and these days you can find devices for all sizes, and above all, for all "pockets".

If in the upscale tablets there are obvious recommendations - like the iPad, Surface, Xperia and Nexus 10 - the so-called low-cost tablets are in higher number and have flooded the retail stores.

Tablets under 200 dollars

Acer Iconia B1

Acer Iconia B1 runs Jelly Bean. It has a 7 inch screen and basic resources.

Pros: Good ergonomics and average performance

Cons: battery life, overall quality of the screen

Verdict: Compact and lightweight Tablet with Android 4.1. average RAM. It can cause slowdowns at times.

With a very compact body (made of plastic), the Iconia B1 is the bet for the Acer to enter the tablet market. Running Jelly Bean, this gadget has an Android interface virtually clean and basic features.

The Acer Iconia B1 (Model A71) has a processor with dual-core Cortex A9 running at maximum 1.2 GHz. The graphic core is a PowerVR SGX 531 with 720p decoding video.

Unlike most manufacturers, that include changes in their Android apps and also invest in the creatiion of their own apps, Acer chose to keep the system clean. There is, however, a difference from other tablets. The Jelly Bean interface looks like the smartphones, with the traditional quick access toolbar with the center button to access the full list of apps and widgets. This feature makes the access more convenient and faster when the tablet is at vertical position.

Also there isn´t a large supply of pre-installed applications. The exception is the AcerCloud, an app that does the sync between the PC and the tablet. For everything to work properly, you must download the applications Photo, Video, Music, AcerCloud Docs and AcerCloud Remote Files. They work as add-ons for AmazonCloud. You also need to install the software on your PC or Mac. For this you need to register and download the service manager.

The sync with the PC and its shared folders is done in one way, ie, you can not send content from tablet to PC. Also there is no way to edit the files using the tablet. The interface only allows you to read documents, videos, photos and music, but with limitations. In the videos, not all formats are supported and there is no display nor embedded subtitles in SRT format.

With 7 inches and a resolution of 1,024 by 600 pixels, the Iconia B1 screen offers good response to touches, as confirmed by Multitouch Tester. It recognizes five simultaneous touches. The brightness is not the most intense, and the viewing angle is not the widest. There is good image sharpening, but a certain opacity in color.

There is no rear camera for photos or videos, but there is a front camera for video calls. With 0.3 MP, it ensures the chat on Skype, but it doesn´t offers quality for recording videos or even take photos.

Iconia B1 battery didn´t lasts long. At the tests, it held for 2 hours and 45 minutes when playing a video.

ASUS MeMO Pad 7 inch

ASUS MeMo Pad has a 7-inch screen with 1024 × 600 pixels. It´s equipped with a VIA WM8950 processor and a Mali-400 GPU.

The remaining specifications indicate the presence of 16GB of internal storage, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 1 Megapixel front camera and microSD card slot.

Which of these tablets do you prefer?

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AOC Breeze 7

This tablet has proved to be a simpler model with 7-inch screen, made ​​for a public looking for a tablet to perform simple tasks such as browsing and reading.

Produced by one of the most traditional electronics company in the world - AOC - this tablet is part of the line Breeze.

AOC Breeze 7 Tablet


  • Apps store and exclusive apps
  • Finished in metal and glass
  • FullHD Videos without gagging


  • Low resolution screen
  • Does not have GPS or Bluetooth
  • It has no HDMI connection


For the people who want to buy a tablet and do not have much money to invest, this AOC model is a good option. But do not expect much: the AOC Breeze 7 is for low demanding people that will use the device to access the internet, play a little, speaking by video call, and nothing more!

AOC Breeze 7
AOC Breeze 7


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    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 4 years ago from Cape Cod

      Stay away from anything with the name 'Acer' on it. I didn't even know their products are still around.

      In the early days of PCs their failure rate was astonishing. A high number of their units refused to function right out of the box. They have improved some since those prehistoric days, but I do not think it is enough to justify a purchase at any price.