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Take pictures and videos with your Kindle Fire

Updated on March 11, 2013

The Kindle Fire HD looks like a simple devices but it is also an intelligent one that has a lot of hidden features you can simply activate. Wouldn't you like to be able to take pictures and videos with your Kindle? The good news is that you can actually do this by simply installing an app suited for the Kindle.

Before we move on, I guess you already know that the Kindle Fire HD does have a front facing camera which I guess you can use for Skype. Well, there are other camera apps you cna install in order to make it useful in creating videos and taking pictures too.

The Kindle fire appstore has a lot of cool tools available online that you can readily add to your device and at ridiculously low prices too. One of the ones I'd like to introduce to you is the Kindle Fire camera created by the Chrome group.

What this app allows you to do

  • It allows you to take pictures with the front facing camera of your device
  • Also allows for video recording in hd format good for YouTube
  • It saves videos in mp4 format
  • Allows for zooming in and out during video recording
  • The buttons are easy to navigate

One installed on your Kindle, you would be able to access it from your apps menu just like you access other apps.

One of the reasons why I initially felt the Apple iPad was still better than the Kindle at least by a little margin was the latter's absence of a camera, well now, I think with the availability of apps to not just take pictures but also videos on a Kindle Fire, I think the difference has really been narrowed down.

At a modest price of $199 and all these features, the Kindle Fire HD still remains for me a cooler device to have than having an Ipad.


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