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Tips for Choosing Talking Caller ID Cordless Phones

Updated on September 27, 2011

The Convenience of Talking Caller ID Cordless Phones

One of the most frequently requested features of cordless phones is talking caller ID. This feature gives the phone the capability of announcing aloud the identity of callers, allowing the user to screen calls effectively, even if they are in the other room at the time of the call or unable to view the LCD screen.

If you want talking caller ID you need a phone with this text-to-speech capability as well as caller ID service from your telephone service provider. If you have an existing phone and don't wish to buy a new one, the other option is to purchase a separate talking caller ID device to connect to your current telephone; you can find those items at the link indicated here.

You can get more information about talking caller ID cordless phones below and find some models from which to choose.

Buying Tips

Choosing a cordless phone with talking caller ID requires you to consider a few things. You will often see phones referred to as DECT phones. This type of phone has a greater operating range from the base. You'll also find that phones operate on specific frequencies: 1.9GHz, 2.4GHz, or 5.8GHz. To help assure your cordless phone won't experience interference with wireless devices, it's often best to stick with the 1.9GHz or 5.8GHz models. A phone with FHSS is another option for assuring you can get a clear, secure connection. This means that it can "frequency hop".

Beyond this, be sure to identify the features that are important to you. Common ones include call waiting, call conferencing, call blocking, voice mail or answering systems, light alerts for incoming calls and waiting messages, customized messages, and of course, talking caller ID.

You'll also want to consider any special needs you may have. A larger keypad is easier to use for some people. A backlit display or a larger one may help in viewing information as well. Of course the talking caller ID function itself is great for those with reduced vision too. Adjustable volume, hearing aid compatibility, and so forth may be necessary if someone has a hearing loss. A speakerphone function can also be helpful in these instances and are certainly good for those who want to be able to talk while working with their hands. A light to alert users of incoming calls is also good for those with hearing loss to assure calls aren't missed.

Other convenience features include a large phoneboook and memory for previous calls and redialing.The ability to turn off the ringer and even the talking caller ID can assure you can have uninterrupted time when desired. Having the ability to check messages on each handset is good when there are multiple handsets involved.

If you want a single cordless phone they are quite affordable. However, purchasing one that is expandable can assure that you can easily add additional handsets if it become desirable in the future.


This phone by Uniden is a 1.9GHz DECT model which offers a greater operating distance and reduces the likelihood of interference. It is also a talking caller ID cordless phone which allows users to hear callers announced aloud from their handset.

It features large buttons, a large character backlit LCD display with scalable font. It also has visual ringer alert on the handset as well as the base to assure calls aren't missed. It allows the user to boost audio by up to 20dB, an extra large keypad, and a "do not disturb" mode that allows you to turn off the ringer and have calls forwarded to the answering system.

This phone is expandable up to 6 handsets. It has no moving parts or tapes, offers excellent sound quality, and provides a digital answering system, a handset speaker phone, and 3 way conferencing ability. Users can adjust the playback speed of messages, search for names stored in the 70 name phonebook, assign unique ringers by caller, and review messages directly from their handset. This phone provides up to 14 minutes of record time for messages.

This cordless phone is also T-coil, headset, and hearing aid compatible, can be mounted on the wall if desired, and can be set to provide English, Spanish, or French call prompts.

Panasonic Talking Caller ID Cordless Phones

This Panasonic cordless phone system comes with 5 handsets allowing you to have a phone in nearly every room. It features a digital answering machine as well as talking caller ID and a talking low battery alert. The handsets feature a speakerphone, lighted keypad, a ringer alert light at the base of the antenna for incoming calls, and a slow flash for new messages.

Each handset can be set to ring or set on silent mode to limit disturbances. This is especially useful if you want to accept calls but don't want others in the house disturbed. You can even store numbers on a block list so that unwanted callers get a busy signal.

This is a DECT phone which means it offers the greatest operating range and uses the 1.9GHz frequency to help eliminate problems with interference from other devices.

Other features include a handset locator function, 4-way conferencing ability, a large, easy to read display, and large button keypad. This phone system is energy star qualified and comes with a belt clip and wall mount clip for handsets as well.

This two phone system from Panasonic is another talking caller ID cordless phone option. It is expandable up to 6 phones if you choose to add phones in the future. It is also a DECT phone using the 1.9GHz frequency and offers the same features as the Panasonic cordless phone system described above with call blocking, call alert, handset locator function, a lighted keypad, and built in answering machine.

This 3 handset Panasonic cordless phone system features talking caller ID, call blocking, and an energy saving Eco mode. The handset is non-slip, easy to grip, and provides a white backlit LCD with good contrast making it easy to read. It has a silent mode which allows you to eliminate unwanted distrubances. It also features call waiting and 4 way calling capability, a digital answering system, as well as a light up ringer and charging alert.

This is a DECT 6.0 phone and is expandable up to 6 handsets.

This 60 channel talking caller ID cordless phone system is expandable up to 6 handsets. It has a 3-step talk volume adjustment and an 8-step speakerphone volume adjustment. The display can accommodate both Spanish and English. It's another DECT phone using the 1.9GHz frequency.

This phone offers call blocking, 4 way conference callling capabilities, handset locator function, and answering system with 18 minute recording time and voice mail with 3 minute memo recording.

It has a 50 item caller ID memory and 50 item phonebook memory as well. Additional features include intercom, backlit LCD display with large text, backlit keypad on the base, headset jack, clock/alarm, message alert, remote operation, and a silent mode for privacy.

This phone operates on Ni-MH (AAA x 2) batteries with 5 hours of talk time battery life and 11 days standby. It comes with a belt clip and wall mount.

This is a 5.8GHz cordless phone with frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) signal reception for clear, secure calls and the operating range you need. It is expandable to 8 handsets.

This phone offers an integrated digital answering system which provides up to 21 minutes of recording time, remote operation, and an LCD message counter. Other features include call waiting, talking caller ID, Caller IQ Plus, a light-up antenna to alert you to new calls silently and a choice of ringer options.

There is also base and handset speakerphone capabilities, four-way conferencing capabilities, and an intercom system for communication between handsets and between the base unit and individual handsets. This talking caller ID phone also has mute, hold, flash, redial (last number dialed from the base, last five numbers from the handset) functions, and a dual keypad and easy to read 5 line LCD display.

The phone comes with an AC power adapter, battery pack, battery cover, phone line cord, belt clip, user guide and setup information and warranty, lighted handset keypad, headset jack, and belt clip.

This Panasonic phone features a 1.5" full color LCD on the handsets. It operates on the 5.8GHz frequency and has FHSS (frequency hopping) to assure you get a good, secure connection. This is a talking caller ID cordless phone with a base and a second handset. It includes a digital answering system, intercom, speakerphone on the base as well as on the handsets, and skip/repeat functions.

Users can customize ringtones and even upload their own music for ringtones. Messages can be picked up remotely and can be played directly through the handset as well.

Connecting Additional Handsets to Your Cordless Phone Base


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