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TapToScroll: add status bar scroll behaviour that is added to iOS

Updated on February 18, 2015

To the highest part of a page it is possible to easily scroll up in iOS by exploiting the status bar. This can be an incredibly suitable shortcut, when one have to make use of an Android apparatus me that I consistently miss.

But occasionally one wonder why is n't a manner to fast scroll to the base of a page.

Yesterday, one went as far as to make a notion video for the thought, but that was not desired, as it seems. It was not wanted because there exists already a tweak that pretty much carries through this precise demand.

TapToScroll disables that native pat-everywhere and scroll status bar behaviour up, and replaces it using a user-customizable Activator listener which can be matched to any gesture accessible Activator.

TapToScroll gets the capability to scroll to underside of a page, center of a page, or the highest part of the webpage. All the three scroll spaces may be assigned for optimum control on the expertise to independent Activator gestures.

Even though the tweak does not function as as I'd expected in Safari--for bottom scrolls then scroll to the base and it'll scroll to the top first --it is definitely better than nothing. It'd be quite cool should they are able to take my theory and allow it to be a reality if an enterprising programmer had the time. Until then, I could live with TapToScroll.

What would you believe? Would you believe having scroll-to-the-underside functionality is mandatory?


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