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Taste Linux (Install Linux with Windows)

Updated on June 14, 2010

Taste Linux (Install Linux with Windows)

Linux is a computer operating system like Microsoft's Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 etc, Apple's MAC, Unix OR BSD. It is free & legal to use for personal/commercial. So use Linux.

Following are options to install Linux.

  1. Request Linux IR if you have Linux IC around you.
  2. xPUD Simple, less space, less download time but still in testing phase, needs 256 RAM & 64 MB Hard Disk space. Click Download, click Install on Hard Drive, click xpud-latest-exe under section 'Install xPUD on Windows XP/Vista/7'. After download, install it like normal windows programs.
  3. WUBI Installer This is easiest, simplest & safest method with some performance plenty. You don't need any CD, ju st download & install. You have an option to uninstall Linux as you uninstall any other program. You will need good Internet speed.
  4. Free Linux CDs If you don't have good Internet speed, you can request Free Linux CD. Keep in mind that it may take some weeks.
  5. Download Linux of Your Choice & Make Linux CD OR Write on USB Flash Data Drive (if you are using option 5.1, you don't need to make CD/USB). I recomment Zorin OS & Ubuntu to download. For older computers download Puppy Linux (for 32 MB RAM computers use Luit Linux). Note Ubuntu's CD may be installed like WUBI Installer.
  6. After above 2 option, you will have Linux CD & ready to install Linux. You have following options
  1. User Virtual PC, Virtual Box, VMWare, QEMU, etc to install Linux inside these virtual machine softwares. If you have downloaded Linux, you don't need to write CD.
  2. Following links may help you to install Linux on hard disk with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows OR similar options may be applied on other Windows versions.

You can extend WUBI Installer to a full Linux installation by using LVPM. Don't go for this option if you are not an expert.Replace Windows with Linux, this option is not recommended OR you are deadly sure.After you have installed Linux, you may use following software which are almost equivalent of Window's software OR use software that are only available in Linux.

OR you can still get benefit of Open Source Software in Windows.


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