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Technical Secrets Behind Successful Blog Building

Updated on September 7, 2016

Blogging has become quite popular these days. It is not only the way of self-expression, but also the chance to establish online presence and make profit. However, many users, who have never been involved in blogging before, don’t realize how important and complicated it is. Blogging is not limited to adding content only. There are lots of technical aspects that make up a successful blog and you should know as much as possible about them, if you wish to build a quality blog that will help you target the audience. Let us have a closer look at some of these technical aspects.


The essence of creating a blog differs a bit from that of launching a website. The thing is that blogs are basically meant to attract the attention of users, who share the same interests, hobbies and objectives with their authors. Correspondingly, it is a priority to make the resource accessible any time of the day. When choosing hosting, you should make sure that your blog will be available 24/7 to the unlimited number of visitors. Maintaining proper functionality and speed is especially important in this respect. No one wants to wait until the blog is loaded. If a user faces problems when trying to visit the resource, the chances that he/she will keep looking for a more convenient and functional blog will be quite high. Round-the-clock customer support should be available as well to help users solve all kinds of problems they may face out of a sudden.

Domain Name

The domain name (the URL) of your blog is as important as the quality of the content you will fill it with. This is the best way to attract the attention of users and present your message in the most favorable light. Your task is to make the URL memorable and simple. This is the best way to make sure users will keep it in mind. What’s more, the name of your blog should not be very long. Otherwise, it will be difficult for people to memorize it as well. Finally, you should take care of the extension of the domain name. Today, the most popular extension is .com, so, it is preferable to choose the domain name for your blog that will also come with this extension.

Web-Building Platform

Finally, we should not overlook such aspect as the choice of a web-building platform.

With lots of online and offline web design tools available nowadays, it is not that easy to make the best choice ( you can discover most popular of them at What you should understand, though, is that web-building platforms are not the same. They differ with regard to their functionality, types of websites they are meant for, web design features and other important aspects. Some platforms are more suitable for users, who are going to add serious and bulky content, like articles, for example. Others, in their turn, meet the needs of bloggers, who are oriented on publishing visually appealing posts by means of adding images, widgets, social media buttons and other drag-n-drop elements that would help drive the attention of the target audience. What’s also important, properly-built blogs are better optimized for SEO. Correspondingly, such resources have more chances to become popular with the audience.

Bottom Line

To sum up, building a blog is a challenging and time-taking process, which requires deep awareness of the subject, persistence and effort. If you are right about to build your personal blog and wish it to be a success, keep in mind the technical aspects mentioned above.


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