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Techno Gadgets For 2012

Updated on July 15, 2012

Must Have's

If your anything like me then you love a great gadget, from the Iphone to the latest smart Televisions the world of gadgets has never been as alive as it is now. There are literally hundreds of gadgets being released every day and now is the time to get your hands on them. So what are the latest and greatest gadgets that have been released this year, well that is what im going to let you know about. They will all be here to save you the hard work of searching for them.

There will be a gadget for everyone and they all would of been released recently and are selling like hotcakes. When it comes to gadgets I have some of the best but sometimes it isnt always the best ones that I like the most. Yes I love my Iphone 4s but there are better phones on the market right now. I also love my Samsung lcd television in rose red but there are better televisions out there, It is about choosing the right gadget for you.

Apple Ipad 3

When the Ipad first came out it made everyone stand up and take notice, People didn't think it would work because you have to hold it in your hand whereas a laptop can sit on your lap but people have embraced the Ipad and not only that but it has formed a huge wave of tablets from different manufacturers and phone makers.

This years Ipad three brings with it several features that the previous models have been crying out for, The new retina display is incredible and delivers 3.1 million pixels to your hungry eyes, It is simply stunning to look at, it has a 5 mp camera inside which helps deliver fantastic photo's. Apple have also incorporated ultra fast 4g for super quick mobile surfing while on the move. All in all it is a fantastic product from apple and makes you wonder just how good the IPhone 5 will be when released later this year.

Samsung Galaxy s3

The official IPhone killer, I am a self confessed apple fan-boy and love my IPhone 4s but if there was ever another phone I would even for the briefest of moments consider then it would be this one, I had a go on the original Galaxy and even then that was a seriously good phone but this latest version is starting to really turn heads.

First thing you notice is how clear the screen is and boy what a screen, 4.8 inches which is big enough for all your needs. The battery is so so much better than the original Galaxy and that is a good thing as that is the reason I swapped from Galaxy to IPhone.

The galaxy s3, although technically a better phone than the IPhone can surprisingly be got on a cheaper contract than its rival if you search around. All in all if you don't already own an IPhone 4s then this is the next best thing, You will not regret your decision.

Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii started off so well, selling millions of units worldwide and started getting gamers and non gamers off their sofa's and playing games upright whilst expending some energy. It was a great idea and made Nintendo lots of money, But then PlayStation and Xbox the two biggest consoles around came up with their own versions of the wii that were available from the original consoles, IE: The xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move.

This meant that Nintendo needed to upgrade the Wii and they have with the Nintendo WIi U, which is to be launched towards the end of the year. The major uplift is the inclusion of a tablet like item that you use as a second view to the game your playing, As you move the tablet so the view in the game moves, Its all very clever. The graphics have been given an Overhaul and will be rivaling both of its two big competitors.

The great thing about the secondary screen or Wii u game-pad as its being called is you can play your games on the console and view them on the hand held screen which is touchscreen and also has thumb-sticks to enable accurate play. This can be done while someone else is watching television. The Wii U has been designed to lure back hardcore gamers which were lost when the previous version was driven towards non gaming families.

Google Nexus 7

The new google nexus 7 is the rival to the Ipad, Sure it might not seem as good as the ipad and it is not as big or sexy looking but the one thing that gives it the edge over its rival is its price, The google nexus will be selling at $199 which makes it a budget tablet that is as powerful as its more expensive competitors.

With a 7 inch screen showing at a high resolution of 1280x800 pixels it really is a beauty to look at, super slim and light also means that it doesn't wear on your wrists when holding it. Great battery life means it is excellent on the go and for using day to day and having a built in nvidia quad core processor means that if your a gamer like me then this is the tablet for you, giving you instant access to lots of top quality games via the google play store.

If money is tight but you want a top quality tablet in your life then this is a serious contender and definitely warrants you having a go before you buy one.

Amazon Kindle Touch

Although released at the very end of last year it didn't reach a lot of countries until april of this year. Lots more people are recently jumping onto the kindle bandwagon and making a purchase. I myself am a bit bored of having a huge bookshelf that is getting fuller by the day so I recently went out and brought an amazon kindle touch and am very impressed.

The kindle touch has a superb E ink display which means that even in bright sunlight you can still read this little beauty perfectly, great for those summer vacations. Although touch screen there is no need to swipe to turn pages anymore, simply tap the screen lightly and it will turn the page. If your not using the 3g to download books while on the move then the battery lasts a long time and I didn't fully charge mine for the entire 10 day holiday and I was reading for over 2 hours a day!.

If your a big reader and are getting tired of books dominating your house then I would strongly suggest buying a kindle touch. Of course you can buy the standard one quite cheap but I prefer the touch screen which gives it that modern feel.

Which Of The Above Would You have If You Could Have Only One

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    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 

      6 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      LOL, I know how you feel!!!!!

    • warchild75 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      Thanks! If only I could afford to get the iPad!! Lol

    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 

      6 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      Useful information!!!!


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