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Techno Winter Wear

Updated on March 11, 2011

Fashion + Technology

I've always loved visits from my daughter on the holidays, or anytime. And this time was no exception. She always brings an element of 'wave of the future' to her father, or rather she keeps me on my toes to new things in electronics. This time she added fashion.

She knows I'm not a slave to fashion, like she is, so this introduction to the future she was a little hesitant to 'lay on me,' as it were.

Last visit, or was it the time before, she brought her new phone (like the one pictured) and as usual she had a hard time getting it out of my hand after she showed me, and this time was no exception. I do think I stretched her new techno gloves, they were on my hands for maybe an hour.

"Here we go, next new 'thang' to come 'down the pike' will be implants so ya don't have to worry what the climate is," I told her.............."oh Dad," she rolled her eyes. "Yea right, and maybe they already have done it...........there's another hub page for ya."

Yes, they are pretty cool, or rather 'warm-cool,' and I always think, when she shows me these new things, 'why didn't I think of that?'

The gloves mimic human touch which enables your devices to function properly. But I think they work better than the naked hand or finger. This is because of the silicone beads they have on the palms and fingertips providing accuracy. The thumbs, pointer fingers and middle fingers are threaded with conductive beads that allows wearers to use touchscreen devices out in the cold of the elements a lot easier.

Telefingers - touch, tap, stroke, slide and scroll... your cameras, mp3s, red box DVD machines, touch screen devices and phones. Telefinger gloves provide stylish simplicity and functionality.


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