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Only the Upgraded Survives!

Updated on November 19, 2013

Only the upgraded survives!

It was during the early 1990’s when young Steve Jobs, seeking to bring the portable computer to a next level, created the PowerBook G3 in the hope to bring a new technology to the market. To his surprise, the PowerBook was a great success.

Just like we humans grow smarter than previous generations in order to survive longer, so do computers. Operative systems like Microsoft windows, Linux, and Mac OS are all members of a computer world where the stronger survives and the weak becomes obsolete.

Only the upgraded survives

Windows OS

Windows OS is very popular for having the greatest part of the market, Internet Explorer, Microsoft office, and Windows Live Messenger. What I consider the best feature of this OS, and the probably the reason why less people use different OS or rarely make upgrades, is because Windows plays nice and is compatible with older versions of the same OS.

THE GOOD. Users of previous generations will last for much longer than any other user with another OS. Windows XP and Windows 2000, for example, still enjoy running compatible on third party software, still receive service pack updates, and programs that allows compatibility between older and newer Windows OS versions. Meanwhile other older OS suffer "starvation" from turning obsolete and not being able to run no modern software any more. Windows 7 even runs on XP mode. Los Angeles Police Department and several other law agencies run on Windows ME 2000.

THE BAD. One of the reasons why Windows OS is so buggy is because it tries to keep compatibility with older OS versions and programs. Mac OS, on the other hand, keeps little to none compatibility with older OS versions and programs. Apple works (Leopard OS and under) does not work well and cannot be installed on Lion or snow leopard. iWorks ’08 cannot read iWorks ’09 documents.

Ubuntu OS

Ubuntu is a freeware version of a Linux OS. Some Linux OS, like Pearl OS (a copy of Mac OS), are too buggy and freeze constantly. Ubuntu is, in my opinion, the best Linux OS out there. I recommend installing it in addition to an existing OS just for the fun of it.

THE GOOD. Ubuntu will help PowerPC’s, early Intel Pentium computers, and low-end AMD processors computers. Ubuntu requires little graphics, unlike Mountain Lion that terminates early Intel Macs with fewer graphics powers, and requires little processors speed giving older computers another chance to work.

THE BAD. Ubuntu is not as much compatible with third party software. Some important programs that can run smoothly on Windows or Mac or both will not be compatible with Ubuntu. There, however, alternatives to those programs. For example, Open officer can be installed instead oof the popular Microsoft office.

Mac OS

This is, in my opinion, the best operating system compared to buggy Windows. However, Macs get obsolete quickly. Macs may not that much vulnerable to malware, may be safer to use, and even come with top of the line software installed (iLife, Safari, etc.)

THE GOOD. Has amazing features; both hardware and software are the considered the best. The unibody enclosure makes the best material for a laptop and the all-in-one iMac saves a whole lot more space than traditional desktops. With boot camp, the Mac can run several OS at the same time. Is the best of the best!

THE BAD. In a few years you Mac can become not compatible with newer software, updates, or simply not be capable of upgrading to newer Mac OS X versions.


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