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Technology, A Force to be Reckoned With

Updated on February 6, 2011

Man or Machine

On the way to self distruction or restoration

Hell on Earth and/or eternal damnation. What do you believe?

Technology, A gateway to Heaven or Hell

When Goerge Orwell wrote the book, "1984" he could have never quite imagined the type of world that we live in today. Big Brother is everywhere. He has found himself emerging from paperwork, to cameras, to hidden mics, to microfiche, to the world wide web. Talk about torture, Big Brother can and has turned people's worlds upside down. Not only has he done that he has created apothy, indifference, and rudeness in just trying to manage our everyday lives. If you are looking for a solution you won't find it here. While technology can do good things, when in the wrong hands, it can totally destroy lives. If anything we can do, we must teach our children the inherent dangers of the internet. It is absolutely imperitive that parents should be vigilant in patrolling their kids' use of the web and the cellphone. In a world of corruption. I am afraid that we have fallen into a trap that we cannot easily get out of. Even if your name is misrepresented and you clear your name, it will have taken years to do so, causing lingering doubt and suspecion. We have gone from Genesis to Revolations. If anyone thought , as I'm sure they did, that John was under some type of drug or alcohol, then if he had ever revealed anything like this he would have been declared insane. For all those great nerds and geeks that got us into this, I sureley hope you have a way of getting us out of it by protecting the innocent. China, since you are considered the other superpower, I think you just may have got it right. Limiting the internet may be something we all may need to take a look at. A preacher could really have a field day with this. Why because after all the Bible did speak of sorcery which makes me wonder about a lot of things. Once you get to the top the only thing you can do is come back down. Who will rescue man from himself when it is no longer comfortable at the top. The only thing I think can be done now is if man invented a machine intelligent enough to put mankind back in his place. With greatness comes pride and arrogance and pride comes before the fall. I think I heard something like that somewhere. No matter how you see, or even if you don't believe in God, some of the writers of the Bible had enough insight to warn ahead of an impending disaster. Man's use of chemicals in war and in peace times as well as possible misuse of genealogy could very well conger up and bring to reality the fictional movies of mad scientists, if put in the worng hands of a group of terrorists or a rogue nation, or even just a few demented people, could change the entire world for the worse. Misuse of information technology along with these other technologies could spell doom if not kept in check. The widespread politicizing and promotion of such breakthroughs , if not with a contengency plan should be halted or else we will be fighting for the preservation of ourselves. It may not have been imaginable by any means of what is happening today but it is high time that mankind quit playing God. To put it in my own parable. if we keep on flying high one day we just might bump into the sky and we could only burn up on the way back down.



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